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Making Life With Parkinsons Easier

Life is hard enough, but when you have a disease like Parkinson's some days it can be pretty difficult to find anything that can be easy. Believe it or not there are some things that may make your life easier as you struggle to try to maintain daily activities in the face of this progressive disease.

If you are having eating difficulties such as chewing or swallowing, if you are experiencing weight loss due to your eating problems it is important to ask a registered dietitian or a nutritionist for help with your diet. Eat smaller more frequent meals. Avoid crumbly fibrous food is you are already experiencing difficulty swallowing. When eating make sure that the environment is quiet and somewhere that you can relax during the meal. Eating while sitting in a high backed chair is better. When you suck on ice for a few minutes before a meal it may make swallowing easier for you. Drink an iced drink to aid your swallowing. It is also a good idea to add a little bit of liquid to your food in your mouth as a way to help with swallowing. Put a spoonful or forkful of food in your mouth and before swallowing take a sip of drink and then swallow.

Stress can make your symptoms worse so do all you can to either avoid stress in your life or if that is not possible learn how to cope with the stress by learning some relaxation techniques. This may require reducing your work hours, retiring early, getting help with your finances or getting help with housework or lawn care.

If you have Parkinson's and are traveling there are some things that you can do to make traveling easier. Make sure you rest the day before you travel. There are plenty of services that you can take advantage of to make traveling easier at airports, railroads, and on cruise ship terminals such as letting you board or exit in advance of the other passengers, use a wheelchair service, or a motorized cart to get around airport terminals or railroad stations. If you are doing your traveling by car make frequent stops to walk around or get some light exercise. Limit how many miles you travel in a day. Try to conserve your energy. Never travel for long periods of time in hot weather. Keep medications in original container and store in the carry-on baggage never in checked-in baggage as this baggage may be lost or stolen and you will lose your medication.

Gather your support system around you including your medical team, your family and friends. Especially right after you receive the diagnosis you will be emotional and will be able to lean on others until you have adjusted to the news.

News About Parkinson's Disease

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