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Treatment for Gynecomastia

by Derek Silverman

Excess tissue in the breast area is a problem that many men face. There are a number of causes for this condition. And you will want a treatment plan that reflects that cause and will work to eliminate the unwanted tissue and reduce the swollen area.

The first thing that you will have to do is find out the cause of your swollen breast area, so that you can find the right gynecomastia treatment. Some of the common causes of this condition are obesity, hormones, liver disease, medications and some genetic problems.

The hormonal imbalances that can occur during puberty are the most common cause of this disorder. There are as many as sixty percent of boys that suffer a hormonal imbalance when they are going through puberty. The boy fails to produce enough testosterone during this time and this causes the amount of estrogen to be significantly higher. There is no need of a gynecomastia treatment in these cases because it should disappear over time.

There are some medications that can cause this condition as well. Steroids and drugs that are related to steroids will cause the enlarged breast to occur. This cause will not require a medical treatment either. When the medication is stopped, the problem will disappear as well.

Obesity is also another popular cause of man boobs. This can be remedied through balanced diet and proper exercise. Patients are encouraged to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, and drink lots of water to lose weight. They are also encouraged to do routine exercises that target the upper body.

If, however gynecomastia is determined to be the result of underlying diseases such as hepatic condition, hypogonadism (a medical term that refers to the inability of reproductive system to work properly that results in lack of function of testes or ovaries), or hyperthyroidism (a clinical syndrome brought about by free triiodothyronine or circulating free thyroxine or both), your medical practitioner will suggest resolving the underlying condition first to get rid of your man boobs.

Treatment Options. Change your lifestyle through exercise and food choices you can eliminate your man boobs. To discover the best changes to make, you can get help from the Chest Coach at Lose Man Boobs Naturally. A similar program is also offered by Off My Chest.

There are supplements that you can take that target and reduce the fat in the chest area, for example, Ultimate GyneMAX- The #1 Leading Gynecomastia Pill. This man breast reducing supplement maybe just waht you need to get rid of your man boobs!

Yo can try changing any medication that maybe causing your man boobs. Such changes should be made through your doctor.

As a last recourse, if the Chest Coach or similar programs do not work and if GyneMAX- The #1 Leading Gynecomastia Pill does not work. There is a surgical procudre to consider. The gynecomastia surgery that is used will typically last for a period of two to three hours and will require a six-week recovery time. Patients who are thinking of having the surgery are given all of the information about the procedure so that they can make an informed choice. This includes all the complications that could arise from the surgical procedure.

It can be relatively easy to treat this condition once the cause has been determined. In most cases, changes in diet and exercise or a man boob reducing supplement is all you need to do. There are many treatments that will be very effective without the use of surgery. If you are finding that your breast area is enlarged and swollen, the first step is find out why the problem is happening. And then chose the best gynecomastia treatment for you.

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