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Tinnitus Tips and General Information

by Lance Kerstetter

When a person hears irregular or ongoing noises in the head or ears, this is known as tinnitus. There is no visible cause of the sound that people describe in various ways such as ringing, humming, buzzing or whistling. The level of tinnitus noise can range from distracting to distressing.

Although tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease, it is not always possible to identify its cause. Sometimes it is the result of ear problems that could be as simple as wax build-up or as serious as a tumor. Another cause of tinnitus can be as a side effect of medication you are taking, such as aspirin.

While tinnitus affects millions of people, some are more likely to experience it than others. People at high risk of tinnitus include those who are exposed to noises that could damage their hearing. Workers in noisy industries are among those at high risk. And listening to loud music can also result in tinnitus.

Truckers are at a high risk for tinnitus. On the truckers report forum they are many reports of truckers experience tinnitus. You can read reports of tinnitus and other trucker related illness on the truckers report forum twitter page as well. With proper care tinnitus is treatable.

Tinnitus Tips

People with tinnitus sometimes experience no hearing loss. However, because this problem is often related to a fault in the hearing system. This means tinnitus is usually related to some level of hearing loss. For this reason, anyone with tinnitus should avoid excessive noise and should also consult a doctor. The truckers report forum advice of using professional grade ear plugs while driving can help a trucker avoid tinnitus.

Tinnitus Tips: Find Out How To Banish Tinnitus Forever...

Seeing your doctor is important because your tinnitus may have a treatable cause. It could be the result of a foreign object in your ear, an allergy or the side effect of medication. As well as checking for such possible causes of tinnitus, your doctor may also advise you to have your hearing tested by a specialist.

When tinnitus is related to hearing loss, hearing aids can help, but they do not usually relieve all of a sufferer's symptoms. A tinnitus masker, a device worn like a hearing aid, can help in some cases. The tinnitus masker generates attractive sounds that help to cover up or "cancel out" the ringing sound of the tinnitus.

Another aid designed to help people with tinnitus is known as a tinnitus instrument. This is a small, electronic device that combines a tinnitus masker and a hearing aid. It fits behind the ear and has volume controls, for both hearing and for masking tinnitus noise.

While there is a lot to learn about tinnitus, research is ongoing in the effort to provide relief for sufferers. Some medications can be prescribed, but these may only give short-term assistance, sometimes as brief as half an hour. Surgery is a last resort and is not always effective.

Although there is not yet a cure for tinnitus, you can take some measures to ease its symptoms. Because nervous stress and fatigue can stimulate the hearing system, you should try to get adequate rest and avoid anxiety. Stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided by tinnitus sufferers.

As well as learning to manage tinnitus you can draw comfort from the fact that it often lessens in intensity over time. There is also no need to fear that tinnitus will, by itself, cause deafness, although it may be related to a hearing problem. Consulting your doctor will also help you to learn to live more comfortably with tinnitus.

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