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Planning To Care For Your Parents

Planning to Care for Your Parents

They are the ones that brought you into the world, bathed you, changed your diapers, and lovingly spoon-fed you purees. However, when it comes to returning the favor, caring for elderly parents can become a matter of family dissention. Here is a look at how you can avoid the tension and plan for your elderly parentsí care.

Deciding on long term care for your parents is never easy, and it often starts arguments between siblings. However, you cannot sit back and hope that the issue never comes up for you. At some point, there is a very real likelihood that you are going to find yourself caring for your own children and your parents. In a society that has become more mobile, and where both parents are often working, this can become its own unique challenge. Add to this the disagreements about who should pay for what, who gets the final say in decisions, and who is the most responsible for care, and you have yourself a royal dilemma.

The population of the United States is getting increasingly older. People are more aware of their health and new medicine and technology is allowing for greater life expectancy. The number of seniors is increasing, yet many of them are forced to live alone. This leads to a whole new set of social issues that were never even considered by previous generations.

Some families have a hard time discussing what type of care that their parents are going to need in the future. They may keep putting it off, in denial that their parents, the ones that have cared for them for so long, are going to need care themselves. It may be difficult to face the reality that mom cannot get around as well as she used to, or that dadís memory is failing. Long-term care is often not considered in many future financial plans, causing a budgeting problem. Plus, there are so many options out there, from adult communities, day cares, to home health care, assisted living, and nursing homes. These offer their own services, fees, advantages, and disadvantages. Many families fail to take these into consideration until they are forced by an illness or accident to move their loved one.

There are some things that you can do to make the whole process easier. Talk to your parents and make sure their wishes are clear. This includes finishing their will. If there is property that is jointly owned, consider selling it as soon as possible, since this can become complicated later on. Stay positive as a family, and let everyone have an equal voice in the decision. Make sure that everyone is aware of the financial obligations and what you can afford to pay on an individual basis. Start to talk about your individual roles in taking care of your parents, and consider getting professional advice for legal and financial planning.

Remember that planning for your parentís care before it becomes a necessity can make the process smoother when you do need to use it. Asking the hard questions now can help to eliminate stress later.

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