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Getting Your Elderly Loved One To Make The Move

Getting Your Elderly Loved One to Make the Move

Moving your loved one into a form of assisted living is hard enough on its own. However, getting them to accept the move can sometimes be even harder. Starting the conversation before your loved one’s health starts to fail can make the transition easier when the time comes. But if your loved already needs to be moved and the conversation has not occurred, here are some ways to make it go smoothly.

Remember that the safety of your loved one is the most important factor. While they may insist that they are all right, you should be able to tell whether or not they can continue living where they are safely. Do not wait for an accident before making the decision to move them – accidents can lead to injuries that take a long time to heal.

A good option for care is to choose a multi-level facility. This allows them to stay in the same location even if their health continues to worsen. These centers may allow them to have their own apartment, with just a nurse to check in on them once a day, and progress down to full round-the-clock care if they need it. They will get the chance to get to know the other residents and staff and hopefully make some new friends.

To find the right facility, talk to the residents that are living there and their family members. Try to stop buy during a time when you know there will be plenty of visitors, and try and get some impressions of how well they like the center. You should also get a written statement that there are no legal situations involving the facility.

Part of the upside of moving into assisted living is that your loved one may be able to again participate in activities that they may not have done in some time. Find out what the activities are, such as crafts, gardening, or Bingo. Take time to sit in on a game or a class to see how they are run.

Once you have found the perfect place for your loved one, you can enlist the help of the staff in convincing your loved one that they will be better off making the move their. These people will be well experienced with the problem and know how to handle it. A social worker may start to get to know your loved one a few weeks prior to the move, getting to know them so that there is a familiar face when they make the move. They may also be able to give your loved one a “job” assisting with a class or event so that they feel that they are a needed and important part of their new community.

Keep in mind that you are not the first family that has needed to transition a loved one to an assisted care facility. Family members, friends, even church members may have gone through the same process and can offer advice and support that will help to make the transition easier for both you and your loved one.

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