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Furnishing Your Nursing Home Room

Furnishing Your Nursing Home Room

If you need to move your loved one into a nursing home, you will want to try and make the new space as much like home as possible. Many nursing homes will allow you to bring some items of your own in, including furniture pieces and decorative items. However, shopping for the right furniture for the elderly can present a few challenges.

One of the first considerations is the health of the person you are shopping for. You need to consider how well they can stand up and sit down on their own. If they still have a good range of movement, you may be able to buy traditional furniture. If they have difficulties, there are specialty chairs that can be raised and lowered to assist them.

Once you know the style of furniture that you need, you will also want to consider the fabric that you choose. Leather upholstery can be slippery and cause some elderly persons to slide out of the chair. If they have difficulties holding themselves upright, a textured fabric can help prevent sliding.

Besides the texture, you also want to look for a fabric that is easy to clean. Health issues of the elderly can lead to soiling, so you will want something that resists staining and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Also keep in mind the tastes of the person that you are shopping for. Remember, your goal is to make the nursing home room feel as much like home as possible, so consider their tastes and not your own. Just because you enjoy floral prints does not mean that your father will. If your loved one is going to be sharing a room with another person, try to consider that personís tastes as well, and look for colors that will compliment rather than clash.

Your local furniture sales representative can assist you with your shopping needs. They will be informed on the different varieties of furniture, fabrics, and styles that are available that will meet your needs, and they have been trained to help you find exactly what you are looking for. If your area stores do not carry a specific item that you want, they may be able to special order it or point you in the direction of a specialty store that might. If you decide to order furniture online, keep in mind the cost of shipping, as this can get expensive quite quickly for larger pieces. You will also want to know what sort of warranty the furniture comes with.

While you are shopping for furniture for the elderly, you may come in contact with stores that also specialize in medical supplies. If your loved one will be staying with you for any length of time, you may need to invest in some medical equipment like portable toilets, oxygen tanks, and wheelchairs to make their stay more comfortable.

Take your loved one shopping with you if you can. That way you can pick out furniture that not only suits their personal tastes, but will work for their individual needs.

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