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What Causes Trichotillomania, the Hair Pulling Disease

By Lewis Waller

Studies have been conducted on a large scale as to trichotillomania causes, but the results are mainly only theoretical. There are those who seem to be of the school of thought that this can be biologically based... genetic or hereditary. This is largely due to the fact (or coincidence) that many sufferers often have a first degree relative with an obsessive compulsive spectrum disorder. Seeming similarities between trichotillomania and Tourette's disorder are also being exhaustively investigated.

The other school of thought on this is that trichotillomania causes are psychologically rooted, deeply, manifesting as compulsive behavioral responses to negative emotional stimuli and stress. Many believe that the behavior can be resolved through rehabilitaion. Morningside Recovery has programs that can treat the compulsive behavior of this disease. The stay at Morningside recovery will involve treatment that seeks to find the root of the behaviors.

The theories behind trichotillomania causes being behavioral assume that the symptoms can be learned, as some children have picked up the behavior from their parents and the behavior becomes habitual... also that it can be learned independently if it serves a purpose - such as being a response to or a release from stress which can develop into a habit.

But as far as which are the real source of trichotillomania causes, one can only guess... or, we can examine the results of treatments. It seems that medications do fairly well (if not over deliver), or they seem to at least for as long as you continue to take such medications. However, those who have taken treatments that approach the condition in a psychological/behavioral manner, results have been immediate, and life long, without taking any chemical medications at all.

This seems to shed a brighter light on the mystery of trichotillomania causes, and the track record of different treatment types. Whether you choose a morningside recovery treatment or a medication for treatment, rest assured there is a treatment out there that can assist with your problems.

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