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Norwich Bulletin

LAST GREEN VALLEY COLUMN: Nature's Early Bloomer: Discovering Bloodroot
Norwich Bulletin
The sap from the bloodroot can be toxic to skin and my friend cautioned me to wear gloves if I become interested in propagating it in my gardens. Over the years, remedies have been developed using bloodroot for skin ailments such as wart removal ...

Verruca Removal Laser Treatment : Don't Act Until You Understand Your Options
PR Carbon (press release)
On the off chance that you've done much research on verruca treatment (wart removal) you are most likely a bit overpowered (if not confounded) by the plenitude of data and assortment of suppositions on the matter. You're not the only one. There are ...


Secret Trumpcare Confab Revealed with Insurance Execs and Freedom Caucus (Satire)
The plan offers full coverage for Viagra, size enhancements, and, of course, all venereal diseases and wart removal. It was noted there'd be no coverage for the “posterior,” which will be included in a new co-branded plan with The Advocate. A full ...

Honolulu Dermatologist Dr. Kory Kitagawa Talks Laser Hair Removal Just in Time for Summer
PR Web (press release)
For either a medical or cosmetic skin care issue, such as skin cancer or wart removal, Honolulu patients will receive the best care and treatment from dermatology specialist Dr. Kitagawa, a current fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD ...

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Selling snake oil as 'patent medicine'
Fort Morgan Times
For example, a derivative of May Apple, or podophyllin, today used for wart removal. It is considered caustic and extremely toxic, not recommended for internal use. Jalap and Aloin are purgative and cathartic resins from plants, Stramonium comes from ...

Medical Daily

Best Treatment For Warts? Candida Antigen Immunology Injection Works Better And Faster Than Freezing
Medical Daily
Warts are a common but annoying health problem affliciting countless people worldwide. Cryotherapy traditionally has been regarded as the most effect wart removal treatment, but new research from the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in Iran ...

Fox News

'Tree Man' undergoes life-changing surgery to remove 11 pounds of warts
Fox News
Barcroft Media reported 27-year-old Abul Bajandar's hands and feet were consumed by 11 pounds of bark-like warts due to epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV), an extremely rare condition involving widespread infection by human papillomavirus (HPV).
Dad dubbed 'tree man' due to bark-like warts that covered his body cured after groundbreaking surgeryMirror.co.uk
'Tree Man' Has Surgery: What Causes This Rare Condition?Live Science
Bangladesh's 'Tree man' has his hands backCNN
Medical Daily -iAfrica.com
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University of Utah Health Care

Duct Tape: An Effective Treatment for Warts
University of Utah Health Care
Warts are raised, round, rough growths on the surface of the skin. They are very common and most people have dealt with one at some point. Warts usually go away without treatment in two to three years, but what if you, or your child, don't want to wait ...

Boing Boing

How to remove warts at home with a soldering iron
Boing Boing
By day fourteen (@6:41), parts of the skin are dried and ready to fall off. He uses his handy and trusted diagonal cutters (naturally!) to snip off the skin with the dead wart. From then on, he's on his way to full recovery and all back to normal a ...

Discover Magazine (blog)

Duct tape can do everything — including cure your warts.
Discover Magazine (blog)
Mmm… warts! Those fun, fleshy skin growths caused by papillomavirus. They are harmless, and yet… ugh. One of the most common methods of removal is to freeze them off using liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). But apparently there's a DIY method that, ...

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