Wrist Sprain

The injuries a wrist can sustain wrist sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and simple wrist strain -- are plentiful. A wrist sprain in particular provides copious amounts of pain and also results in frequent misdiagnosis when the sprain is thought to be something associated with repetitive motion problems. The foregoing not withstanding, a wrist sprain is often diagnosed when a hospital x-ray fails to reveal a fracture. It is also the kind of diagnosis likely to be rendered when there is little chance of carpal tunnel syndrome or similar injuries associated with improver wrist alignment.

The good news is that a wrist sprain can be avoided. First and foremost, anyone working in a manner that puts the wrists in danger of repetitive motion injuries needs to be cognizant of the fact that their very work heightens the likelihood of a wrist sprain. Taking scheduled breaks at frequent intervals is crucial to significantly lessening the chance of incurring a repetitive motion caused wrist sprain. Patients are frequently surprised to learn about the wide array of ergonomically correct office and work equipment there is now on the market.

Posture of the body and the proper alignment of the wrist are another huge factor in avoiding a wrist sprain. It is tempting to work around a crowded office desk or try to compensate for an improperly set up office space. It is unfortunate that this is going to be a significant factor in the overall health of the wrists and tendons. Moreover, failure to properly align the wrists when working on a computer keyboard makes it much more likely for the wrist to be weakened to the point of suffering from a wrist sprain at the first chance.

In some cases a wrist sprain could have been avoided simply by being more in tune with the body. Frequent cramping of the wrist is a hint that the overall musculature of the area is compromised, and there is a good chance even a just minor fall that is deflected with the wrist could lead to a rather severe wrist sprain. In such cases the healing process may take a while, and it should serve as a premier time for changing unhealthy habits, such as work habits, or a lack of exercise. During this time, the wrist should be kept iced and for pain relief there are over the county pain killers which provide a good deal of comfort.