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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective who made his first published appearance in 1887. He was invented by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes is famous for his ability to use logic and astute observation to solve cases, becoming the World's First Consulting Detective. He is the most famous of fictional detectives, and indeed one of the best known and universally recognised literary characters.

Pastiche is a form of imitation. In literary terms, pastiche denotes the technique of employing a generally light-hearted tongue-in-cheek imitation of another's style; it is usually respectful as opposed to parody, which can be very critical.

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The Murder of Sherlock Holmes, Murder She Wrote

Anderson, James

Star 1984


Peripheral to Sherlock Holmes, this is the novelization of the first episode of the TV Show, Murder She Wrote starring Angela Lansbury. A costume party guest dressed as Sherlock Holmes is murdered. Mystery writer Jessica Fletcher discovers who the murderer is ...

Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Dozen

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 1997

Trade Paperback

Andrews entertains us with a collection of short stories about the great detective. Well worth reading.

Sherlock Holmes and the Circus of Fear

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 1997

Trade Paperback

Holmes and Watson investigate a series of "accidents" that are happening at Sanger's Circus.

Sherlock Holmes and the Egyptian Hall Adventure

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 1993

Trade paperback

A taste of Sir A. C. Doyle

Sherlock Holmes and the Eminent Thespian

Andrews, Val

Ian Henry 1988

Hardback with dustjacket

Enjoyable yarn.

Sherlock Holmes and the Greyfriars School Mystery

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 1997

Trade Paperback

When a manuscript goes missing, the headmaster of the Greyfriars School asks for Watson's help in getting Sherlock Holmes to investigate. Interesting look at school life.

Sherlock Holmes and the Houdini Birthright

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 1995

Trade paperback

The death of Houdini cleared up!

Sherlock Holmes and the Longacre Vampire

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 2001

Trade Paperback

Sir Henry Irving is portraying Bram Stoker's Dracula on stage when a series of Vampiric looking murders occur, enter Sherlock Holmes. Andrews as done better work.

Sherlock Holmes and the Man Who Lost Himself

Andrews, Val

Breese 1997

Trade paperback

Sherlock Holmes and Watson help to rescue an experimental airplane. So-so story.

Sherlock Holmes and the Sandringham House Mystery

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 1998

Trade Paperback

Holmes and Watson in disguise must recover a stolen painting at the summer house of the King and thwart a German spy.

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Seven

Andrews, Val

Breese 2001

Hardback with dustjacket

Another solid read from Andrews.

Sherlock Holmes and the Theatre of Death

Andrews, Val

Breese 1997

Trade Paperback

Another solid story by Andrews as Holmes and Watson resolve a mystery in 1911.

Sherlock Holmes and the Tomb of Terror

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 2000

Trade Paperback

Sherlock Holmes and Watson face the trials of the Saharan Desert as well the dangers of being entrapped in an Egyptian tomb. Good stuff.

Sherlock Holmes and the Yule-Tide Mystery

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 1996

Trade Paperback

Holmes and Watson are invited to a Christmas house part in Sussex. An enjoyable time is being had by all until an horrific event occurs...

Sherlock Holmes at the Varieties

Andrews, Val

Breese Books 2000

Trade Paperback

An evening of entertainment at the Varieties for Holmes and Watson turns into a baffling mystery when the theatre appears to be haunted...

Sherlock Holmes on the Western Front

Andrews, Val

Breese 2000

Trade Paperback

Sherlock Holmes and Watson do some undercover work during World War One. Well done story .

Sherlock Holmes Through Time And Space

Asimov, Isaac; Greenberg, Martin Harry & Waugh, Charles, Editors

Bluejay Books October 1984

Hardback with dustjacket

Marvelous Stories

In The Dead of Winter

Baker, Abbey Pen

St. Martin's Press 1994

Hardback with dustjacket.

The daughter of Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler takes center stage here solving a mystery in America. Holmes and Watson make a cameo appearance at end of book. Semi-readable, I skipped a few pages.

R. Holmes & Co.

Bangs, John Kendrick

Otto Penzler Books 1994


Good read.

Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective

Baring-Gould, William S.

Bramhall House 1962

Hardback with dustjacket

A Classic Biography of Sherlock Holmes!

The Federation Holmes

Batory, Dana Martin

Battered Silicon Dispatch Box 2001

Hardback with dustjacket

Holmes & Watson surface in the world of Star Trek solving crimes for the Federation & individuals. No real use of Star Trek Characters. Amusing.

The Glendower Conspiracy, A Memoir of Sherlock Holmes from the Papers of Edward Porter Jones, His Late Assistant

Biggle, Jr. Lloyd

Council Oak Books 1990

Hardback with dustjacket

Interesting Slant & Style as a new biographer (not Watson) tells the tale.

The Quallsford Inheritance, A Memoir of Sherlock Holmes from the Papers of Edward Porter Jones, His Late Assistant

Biggle, Jr. Lloyd

St. Martin's Press 1986

Hardback with dustjacket

Good Read.

The Sherlock Holmes Cartoon Book

Bilgrey, Marc

Cuckoo Bird Press 1981

Trade paperback

Funny collection of one per page cartoons about Holmes & Watson.

The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars

Boucher, Anthony

Carroll & Graf 1986


Great Read about members of a Sherlock Holmes club who solves a murder.

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Original Radio Broadcasts

Boucher, Anthony & Green, Denis

Simon & Schuster Audio

Audio Book - 4 Cassettes

8 half-hour broadcasts of Sherlock Holmes radio show starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce from the 1940’s. Good stuff.

The Giant Rat Of Sumatra

Boyer, Richard L.

The Armchair Detective Library 1991

Hardback with dustjacket

An enjoyable read about this unchronicled adventure.

A Sherlockian Quartet

Boyer, Rick

Alexander Books 1998

Trade paperback

This quartet consists of one novel - A reprint of (The Giant Rat of Sumatra) and three shorter Sherlock Holmes stories, which are okay.

Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde

Brown, Russell A.

St. Martin's Press 1988

Hardback with dustjacket

An enjoyable read where Holmes & Watson interact Oscar Wilde and other elements of Wilde's society.

The Man From Beyond

Brownstein, Gabriel

Norton 2000

Hardback with dustjacket

A collection of Sherlock Holmes stories where Holmes uses principles of statistical mathematics and economics to solve the mysteries. Interesting, if not the best plotted stories.

Conned Again, Watson

Bruce, Colin

Perseus Publishing 2005

Hardback with dustjacket

Another of the many Sherlock Holmes pastiches where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the protaganist along with Harry Houdini. Doyle is lecturing in America where Houdini is performing and promoting his latest film. The two interact over Spiritualism, attending a strange seance together. A female reporter interviews them both as we follow her life... This is more of a mainstream novel than a mystery, but still of interest.

The Strange Cases of Mrs. Hudson's Cat and Other Science Mysteries Solved by Sherlock Holmes

Bruce, Colin

Addison Wesley 1997

Hardback with dustjacket

A collection of Sherlock Holmes stories where Holmes must come to understand the principles of modern physics to solve the mysteries. Good and readable.

The Haunting of Torre Abbey

Bugge, Carole

St. Martin’s Minotaur 2000

Hardback with dustjacket

Holmes and Watson go to a solve a mystery about a ghost haunted mansion (once an Abbey). Better at half the length, guessed the villain, but was readable.

Dreamweaver's Dilemma

Bujold, Lois McMaster

Nesfa Press 1995

Trade paperback

Collection of stories which includes a Sherlock Holmes pastiche which was enjoyable. Rest of the stories were fine, I would read more by author.


Burr, Robert C.; Editor

The Hansoms of John Clayton May 1988

Trade paperback

Magazine devoted to Sherlock Holmes

Curious Incidents, Being a Collection of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Campbell, J. R. & Prepolic, Charles, Ed. by

Mad for a Mystery 2002

Trade Paperback

A nice collection of pastiches by a variety of authors.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, A Medical Digression

Campbell, Maurice, O.B.E., D.M., F.R.C.P.

Magico Magazine 1983

Trade paperback

Non-fiction booklet about the medical aspects of the Canon.

Pulptime, Being A Singular Adventure of Sherlock Holmes, H. P. Lovecraft and the Kalem Club, As if Narrated by Frank Belknap Long, Jr.

Cannon, P.H.

Weirdbook Press 1984

Trade Paperback

Excellent Bookcover, Great Read where Holmes, Lovecraft and author Long, Jr. interact to solve a mystery.

The Italian Secretary

Carr, Caleb

Carroll & Graf 2005

Hardback with dustjacket

To protect Queen Victoria, Holmes and Watson travel to Holyrood Palace in Scotland to investigate the ghost of the Italian Secretary of Mary Queen of Scots... Pretty good story.

The Adventure of the Dead Rabbits Society

Carraher, Philip J.

1stBooks 2001

Trade Paperback

During the missing years, Sherlock Holmes goes to New York, where, under the alias of Simon Hawkes, Holmes continues to solve mysteries. In this case, Holmes (Hawkes) must discover why a murderer continues to fail in his attempts to murder his client. Reasonable read.

Alias Simon Hawkes, Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in New York

Carraher, Philip J.

1stBooks 2002

Trade Paperback

Continuing where Dead Rabbits Society, leaves off, Sherlock Holmes stays in New York, where, under the alias of Simon Hawkes, Holmes solves four more mysteries. Some good deductions, good plots. Reasonable read.

The Final Solution, A Story of Detection

Chabon, Michael

4th Estate 2004

Hardback with dustjacket

During World War 11, Sherlock Holmes is an old, frail man He musters the energy to investigate the theft of a parrot who speaks in German perhaps in code...

The Commodore At Sea

Chancler, A. Bertram

ACE 1979


Sherlock Holmes appears in about two paragraphs in a fantasy type scene on a planet. Not really a Sherlock Holmes pastiche, but good Sci-Fi story anyway.


more baker street ballads

charles e. lauterbach

The Sciolist Press October 1979

Trade paperback

Interesting collection of poems about the Canon.

The Elementary Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Charnock, Ian

Breese 1999

Trade Paperback

A delightful collection of stories told by "Young" Stamford in the early days of Holmes's career before Watson.

Sherlock Holmes's Personal Journals, Six Short Stories

Cirone, Nino

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box 2001

Trade paperback

Six great Sherlock Holmes stories told in the first person by Holmes. Holmes reveals inner thoughts that reflect his deductions, observations and actions.

John Cleese in The Strange Case of the End of Civilization As We Know It

Cleese, John and others

Whitestar 1977

VIDEO. 55 Minutes.

In this comedy, Cleese (of Monty Python fame) plays the bungling grandson of Sherlock Holmes and must capture Moriarty before he takes over the world.

The Truthful Lady

Clouston, J. Storer

Magico Magazine

Trade paperback

16 Page Booklet telling a Sherlock Holmes story

The Dossier of Solar Pons

Cooper, Basil

Acadamy Chicago Publishers 1987


Good Stuff . Several stories - continues the Sherlock Holmes pastiche of Solar Pons created by August Derluth.


Cooke, Garet

I-Universe 2002

Trade Paperback

Collection of Fantasy short stories which contains the Sherlock Holmes pastiche - The Adventure of the Santa Clews - which is one of the weaker stories. Some of the stories including one about Attila the Hun and werewolves are pretty good.

The Reluctant Agent

Cooper-Posey, Tracy

Ravenstone 2001

Trade paperback

Sherlock Holmes in WWI as an agent in Turkey. Very enjoyable.

The Real World of Sherlock Holmes, The True Crimes Investigated by Arthur Conan Doyle

Costello, Peter

Carroll & Graf 1991

Trade paperback

Doyle uses his own Sherlock Holmes-like skills to investigate real crimes and help the innocent. Fascinating.

An East Wind Coming

Cover, Arthur Bryon

Berkeley 1979


Science Fiction novel where an immortal Sherlock Holmes must stop a series of murders. A difficult read where author’s world is hard to grasp.

A Slight Trick of the Mind

Cullin, Mitch

Doubleday 2005

Hardback with dustjacket

Unusual novel about Sherlock Holmes in his old age just after World War II. His memory is getting glitchy... Interesting novel.

The Curse of the Nibelung

D'Agneau, Marcel

Arlington Books 1981

Hardback with dust jacket 1st Brit Ed.

Holmes/Watson are in their 80's, WWII has just started and W. Churchill sends them on a secret mission to Germany. Got better as book progressed. Enjoyable.

Sherlock Holmes' Last Case

D'Artagnan, Robert

Xlibris Corp 2001

Trade paperback Unknown edition -printed one copy at a time...

Fine Story. Holmes & Watson in 1908 help Sigmund Freud and explain Holmes' missing three years after Reichenbach falls...

The Scroll of the Dead

Davies, David Stuart

Calabash Press 1998

Trade paperback

Slightly better than average SH story.

Two Stories About Sherlock Holmes

De Weese, Gene and Murray, Stephen

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine January 1996, Dell Magazine

Paperback (magazine)

Annually, Ellery Queen Magazine does some Sherlock Holmes pastiches

#3 The Memoirs of Solar Pons

Derleth, August

Pinnacle Books February 1975


Derleth wrote a series of pastiches, (Solar Pons being Sherlock Holmes) patterned after the original canon. These were printed in several volumes. While not exactly having the Master's (Dolye's) touch, they are quite enjoyable. Short stories.

#4 The Casebook of Solar Pons

Derleth, August

Pinnacle Books May 1976


Derleth wrote a series of pastiches, (Solar Pons being Sherlock Holmes) patterned after the original canon. These were printed in several volumes. While not exactly having the Master's (Dolye's) touch, they are quite enjoyable. Short stories

#7 Mr. Fairlie's Final Journey

Derleth, August

Pinnacle Books May 1976


Derluth wrote a series of pastiches, (Solar Pons being Sherlock Holmes) patterned after the original canon. These were printed in several volumes. While not exactly having the Master's (Dolye's) touch, they are quite enjoyable. Novel.

Chronicles of Solar Pons

Derleth, August

Mycroft & Moran 1973

Hardback with dustjacket

Derluth wrote a series of pastiches, (Solar Pons being Sherlock Holmes) patterned after the original canon. These were printed in several volumes. While not exactly having the Master's (Dolye's) touch, they are quite enjoyable. Short stories.

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story

Dibdin, Michael

Ballantine Books May 1979


Well written story where Holmes solves the mystery of Jack the Ripper who is... Controversial ending and thankfully not the last Sherlock Holmes story written. A great number of Sherlock Holmes pastiches have been published since1979!

Sherlock Holmes: Mysteries of the Victorian Age

DiLisio, Rock

i-Universe 2002

Trade Paperback

Collection of stories where Holmes uses his knowledge of science and biology to solve the mysteries. Pretty good.

The D Case or The Truth About the Mystery of Edwin Drood

Dickens, Charles; Frutterro, Carlo & Lucentini, Franco; Translated from the Italian by Gregory Dowling

Harcourt Brace & Co. 1993

Trade paperback

A group of detectives including Holmes and Watson meet in Italy to solve the Dicken's mystery of Edwin Drood. Enjoyable

Chapel Noir

Douglas, Carole Nelson

Forge 2001

Hardback with dustjacket

Irene Adler and companions plus Sherlock Holmes face off against Jack the Ripper and the cult behind him in Paris. Book one of two.

Good Morning, Irene

Douglas, Carole Nelson

Tor May 1992


Carole Douglas has written a series of novels featuring Irene Adler or "The Woman." In each novel Adler and Holmes interact at some point as mysteries get solved. Her Holmes is very good.

Good Night, Mr. Holmes

Douglas, Carole Nelson

Tor 1990

Hardback with dustjacket

First of the Adler novels.

Irene's Last Waltz

Douglas, Carole Nelson

Forge November 1994

Hardback with dustjacket

Adler novel. A little wordy, but great Sherlock Holmes delineation.

The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

Doyle, Adrian Conan & Carr, John Dickson

Barnes & Noble Books 1992

Hardback with dustjacket.

A Collection of Sherlock Holmes Adventures based on Unsolved cases from the Original Stories. Delightfully reminiscent of Sir Arthur.

Sir Nigel

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Wordsworth Classics 1994

Trade paperback

Not Holmes. The pre-quel to The White Company (written years after The White Company) which tells of how Sir Nigel became a knight. Somewhat wordy, but very enjoyable. If you have only read the Holmes stories by Doyle you are missing out. His non-Holmes stories are just as good reading.

Tales of Terror and Mystery

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Doubleday 1977

Hardback with dustjacket

Not Holmes, but other great stories by the Master.

The Maracot Deep

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Norton 1929, 1968

Hardback; no dustjacket

Not a Sherlock Holmes story, but a readable science fiction novel by Doyle about a city under the Atlantic. Nice afternoon read.

The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan edited by Haining, Peter

Barnes & Noble Books 1993

Hardback with dustjacket

Stories written by Doyle that have a relationship to Holmes or Holmes-like characters. A delightful addition to the Canon.

The Speckled Band, A Glow in the Dark Book

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

St. Martin's Press 1987

Hardback with dustjacket

Children's Book. The classic Holmes story with illustrations by Dean Morrissey, that glow in the dark! A novelty edition.

Wishbone: The Hound of the Baskervilles

Inspired by Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Big Feats Entertainment 1995


PBS's Wishbone the TV dog recreates the role of Sherlock Holmes. 30 minutes.

Against The Brotherhood

Fawcett, Quinn

FORGE 1997

Hardback with dustjacket

A Mycroft Holmes novel - well realized. Enjoyable read as Mycroft Holmes and his secretary square off against a Secret Society.

Embassy Row

Fawcett, Quinn

FORGE 1998

Hardback with dustjacket

The second Mycroft Holmes novel by this author -while I enjoyed the first novel in this series - I could not finish this one, stopping around page 88 where I learned again that the mystery revolved around the Japanese ambassador. Something I was originally told around page 2...

NOTE: I listened to this book on DVD and was able to get through it. Still pretty repetitive and Mycroft Holmes is not as inciteful as he should be...

The Case of the Revolutionist's Daughter, Sherlock Holmes Meets Karl Marx

Feuer, Lewis S.

Prometheus Books 1983

Hardback with dustjacket

Readable, but pedantic look at the world surrounding Karl Marx in London.

The Memoirs of Schlock Homes, A Bagel Street Dozen

Fish, Robert L.

Bobbs-Merrill 1974

Hardback with dustjacket

A collection of humourous stories as this Sherlock Holmes parody, Schlock Homes, manages to solve the mysteries despite himself. Good stuff.

Flashman and the Tiger

Fraser, George MacDonald

Knopf 2000

Hardback with dustjacket

Fraser has written several novels about a British officer and scoundrel named Flashman who seems to have been at all of the most important historical battles and events of the 19th century. He was at the Charge of the Light Brigade, Harper's Ferry, etc. This book contains three unsequential stories about Flashman including a Sherlock Holmes pastiche featuring Moran and the Empty House.

Druid's Blood

Friesner, Esther M.

Signet 1988


Fantasy novel where magic rules Queen Victoria's Britain and Sherlock Holmes & Watson-like characters must find the Magic Rule book and save the Queen -Good read.

The 6 Messiahs

Frost, Mark

William Morrow 1995

Hardback with dustjacket.

This is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche where Arthur Conan Doyle is the protagonist. Doyle and a Sherlock Holmes-like British agent are in America where they fight against a mystic cult... A sequel to "The List of 7" and I think a better read

The List of 7

Frost, Mark

William Morrow & Co. 1993

Hardback with dustjacket

This is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche where Arthur Conan Doyle is the protagonist. Doyle and a Sherlock Holmes-like British agent face an evil brotherhood which is threatening England... Good Read

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Three Dragons

Fullenkamp, Luke Steven

1st Books Library 2000

Trade paperback, Book printed on demand.

Story okay, but woeful characterization of the Holmes - Watson relationship.

Sherlock Holmes and the Ghost of the Flying Dutchman

Fullenkamp, Luke Steven

1st Books 2001 Trade paperback, Book printed on demand.

This Sherlock Holmes novel that could have been cut down to a so-so short story. Oh, well...

The Return of Moriarty

Gardner, John

Berkley September 1981


Professor James Moriarty did not die at Riechenbach Falls, but returns to do more mischief. Written from Moriarty's point of view. Interesting Stuff.

The Revenge of Moriarty

Gardner, John Berkley March, 1978


A sequel to The Return of Moriarty, this novel continues Moriarty's vendetta against Holmes. A good read. Note: John Gardner eventually wrote several James Bond pastiches...

Elementary, My Dear Groucho

Goulart, Ron

St. Martin's 1999

Hardback with dustjacket

Story where Groucho Marx solves a murder before an Actor playing Sherlock Holmes does. Okay, almost funny, but the author is Goulart of whom I am not too fond...

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Green, Richard Lancelyn

Penguin 1985


Good collection of Sherlock Holmes Pastiches, although most have been printed elsewhere.

Ghosts In Baker Street

Greenberg, Martin; Lellenberg, Jon & Stashower, Daniel, editors

Carroll & Graf 2006

Trade Paperback

Collection of pastiches where Holmes and Watson take on Ghosts and other supernatural entities. Some good stories, but the theme could have been better exploited.

Holmes for the Holidays

Greenberg, Martin H., Lellenberg, Jon L. and Waugh, Carol-Lynn, Editors

Berkley 1996

Hardback with dustjacket

One Great story, most of stories are weak (Or I have become jaded, nahhhh)

More Holmes for the Holidays

Greenberg, Martin H., Lellenberg, Jon L. and Waugh, Carol-Lynn, Editors

Berkley 1999

Hardback with dustjacket

Better stories than the previous collection of Christmas related Sherlock Holmes stories.

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Original Stories by Eminent Mystery Writers, Centennial Edition

Greenberg, Martin Harry & Waugh, Carol-Lynn Rossel, Editors

Carroll & Graf1987

Hardback with dustjacket

Good Stories

Detection by Gaslight, 14 Victorian Detective Stories

Greene, Douglas C.

Dover 1997

Trade paperback

Not Holmes, but detectives stories published at the same time Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes were originally published. Some good, some predictable.

The Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Based on the Original Radio Plays by Denis Green & Anthony Boucher

Greenwald, Ken

Barnes & Noble 1993

Hardback with dustjacket.

Adapted from a 1940's Sherlock Holmes Radio Program starring Basil Rathbone, stories are a little simplistic, but fun.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Raleigh Legacy

Greenwood, L. B.

St. Martin's Press1986


Good Read.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Sabina Hall

Greenwood, L.B.

Simon and Schuster1988

Hardback with dustjacket

The best one of the three pastiches by this author

Sherlock Holmes and the Thistle of Scotland

Greenwood, L.B.

Pocket Books August 1990


Good Read

Sherlock Holmes and the Frightened Golfer

Gregson, J.M.

Breese 1999

Trade paperback

Guessed the villain, but still a readable book. Sherlock Holmes and Watson solve a mystery regarding a golfer and golf...

Dragons on the Town

Gunnarsson, Thorarinn

ACE 1992


Story about alternate worlds of magic and dragons. Sherlock Holmes was in it, in some alternate world, but I didn't read that far... boring...

The Sherlock Homes Scrapbook

Haining, Peter

Brambell House 1974

Hardback with dustjacket

Interesting reference book showing pictures and artwork of Holmes and Watson appearing in magazines, on book covers, etc.

Sherlock Holmes and the Abbey School Mystery

Hall, John

Breese 2001

Trade paperback

Okay story where Watson takes center stage through most of the story.

Sherlock Holmes and the Adler Papers

Hall, John

Breese 2001

Trade paperback

Okay story although rushed pacing and it has a disagreeable ending. Holmes helps Irene again with the King of Bohemia.

Sherlock Holmes and the Disgraced Inspector

Hall, John

Breese 1998

Trade paperback

Sherlock Holmes helps Inspector Lestrade. Fine story.

Sherlock Holmes and the Telephone Murder Mystery

Hall, John

Breese 1998

Trade paperback

Readable, but nothing exciting.

The Travels of Sherlock Holmes

Hall, John

Breese 1997

Trade Paperback

Another novel based upon the time when Holmes went missing for three years after the Reichenbach Falls. Holmes becomes involved in the Great Game for the British Empire.

Exit Sherlock Holmes

Hall, Robert Lee

Playboy Press March 1979


No comment, I have to reread this one.

The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes

Hamilton, Charles

Hawk Books 1989

Hardback with dustjacket

Funny collection of Sherlock Holmes parodies!

My Life With Sherlock Holmes, Conversations in Baker Street

Hamilton, J. R.

Hawthorn Books 1976

Trade paperback

Dr. Watson's biography which tells of his life with Sherlock Holmes. Great Fun

My Dear Holmes

Hammer, David L.

Gasogene Books 2003

Trade Paperback

Collection of stories steeped in Victorian stylism - Holmes and Watson solving various mysteries. Needed a better editor and a Holmes with better defined deductions.

The Whitechapel Horrors

Hanna, Edward B.

Carroll & Graf 1992

Hardback with dustjacket

Another Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper story, Enjoyable read.

Prisoner of the Devil, Sherlock Holmes and the Dreyfus Case

Hardwick, Michael

Proteus 1980

Hardback with dustjacket

Many points of interest, although a little slow reading as Holmes investigates the historical case which involves an innocent man sentenced to Devil's Island.

Sherlock Holmes, My Life and Crimes

Hardwick, Michael

An Owl Book 1986

Trade paperback

Quite Good, The Thoughts & Words of Sherlock Holmes, his biography.

The Revenge of the Hound

Hardwick, Micheal

Villard Books 1987

Hardback with dustjacket

Good Read mystery related to the Hound of the Baskervilles...

Sherlock Holmes and the Fall River Tragedy

Haskell, Owen

Lazarus Press March 1997

Trade Paperback

Enjoyable little novel

Sherlock Holmes, The Diseappearing Prince and Other Stories

Hastie, Edmund

Breese 2000

Trade Paperback

Amatuerish Sherlock Holmes stories from a 14-year-old. Kudos to the author for being published, shame on Breese for asking me to pay for this book.

The Case of the Invisible Thief, A Baker Street Mystery

Haughey, Thomas Brace

Bethany Fellowship, Inc. 1978


Sherlock Holmes Parody. Geoffrey, a Christian detective, and his sidekick, Weston solve an impossible theft at a secret research laboratory using "logic" and faith...

The King Edwad Plot

Hall, Robert Lee

McGraw Hill 1989

Hardback with dustjacket

Former Baker Street Irregular, Wiggins is featured in this pastiche, other new characters fill in for Holmes and Watson. Did not finish the book...



Atlantic Monthly 1994

Hardback with dustjacket

This Sherlock Holmes pastiche is in the A.C. Doyle as protaganist genre. Arthur Conan Doyle is touring America, is haunted by the Ghost of Edgar Allen Poe, teams with Houdini to solve a series of murders....

Two Stores About Sherlock Holmes

Hoch, Edward D. and Richardson, Robert

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine January 1995, Dell Magazine

Paperback (Magazine)

Another issue commemorating Holmes's February birthday with 2 stories

Seventeen Steps To 221 B

Holroyd, James Edward, Editor

Otto Penzler 1996


Set of essays about Holmes, good reading, interesting stuff,

Elementary, Mrs. Hudson

Hosier, Sydney

Avon April1996


Mrs. Hudson solves mysteries... Written in the "Woman's Book" mode, skipped to the end.

My Name is Paris: Mystery of the Magician

Howard, Elizabeth

Random House 1987

Hardback; no dustjacket

Readable. Juvenile book, where heroine wishes to be like Sherlock Holmes, but isn't. Set in the early 1900's. Barely Sherlock Holmes related.

Bunnicula Strikes Again!

Howe, James

Scholastic 1999

Trade paperback.

Juvenile novel that barely references the Doyle story of Moriarty and Holmes fighting at Reichenbach Falls, which places this book here, but not really Holmes related. Rather uninteresting story, for an adult, at least.

The Bacchus Club Mystery

Howell, Wayne

Kylix Media Inc. 1991

Trade Paperback

A delightful little novel where a variety of wines and wine knowledge are incorporated into the plot.

The Sunken Treasure

Jackson, Marian

J. A. Walker 1994

Hardback with dustjacket

Heroine Miss Danforth strives to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes. Book started, but not finished...

A Duel with the Devil

Jaynes, Roger

Breese 2003

Hardback with dustjacket

Three Sherlock Holmes stories featuring Holmes & Watson battling Moriarty a couple of years befor Reichenbach Falls. Good stuff.

Murder Most Irregular, Concerning The Baker St. Irregulars

Jeffers, H. Paul

St. Martin's Press 1983

Hardback with dustjacket

Most Enjoyable

The Case of the Scarlet Woman, Sherlock Holmes and the Occult

Jones, Watkin

Greenwich Exchange 1999

Trade Paperback

Watson tells of three related cases where the occult world of the Golden Dawn creates mysteries for Sherlock Holmes.

The Howard Hughes Affair

Kaminsky, Stuart

St. Martin's Press 1979

Hardback with dustjacket

A Toby Peters novel. Kaminsky has written a series of Toby Peters mysteries about private detective Peters whose cases involve Hollywood stars of the late1930's and 1940's. Book is included here because Basil Rathbone is Peters' client and Rathbone does some Sherlock Holmes-like deductions. Good stuff. I recommend all of Kaminsky's work.

The Game Is Afoot, Parodies, Pastiches and Ponderings of Sherlock Holmes

Kaye, Marvin, Editor

St. Martin's Press April 1994

Hardback with dustjacket.

A nice collection of stories. Good Read.

Resurrected Holmes

Kaye, Marvin, editor

St. Martin's Press 1996

Hardback with dustjacket

Anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories where the stories are written in the style of famous authors: H. G. Wells, Edgar Rice Buroughs, Jack Kerouac, Rex Stout, etc.


Chinese Box Mysteries, Sherlock Holmes,Volume 1

Kilcup, Dan

Allen Wayne Limited 1996

Hardback; no dustjacket as published.

Collection of stories featuring an elderly Sherlock Holmes brought out of retirement by the son of Watson (Dr Watson being dead...). Of interest.

A Letter of Mary

King, Laurie R.

St. Martin's Press 1996

Hardback with dustjacket

Good read. Russell and Holmes (Whom are married) are given a letter purportedly written by Mary Magdalene.

A Monstrous Regiment of Women

King, Laurie R.

St, Martin's Press September 1995

Hardback with dustjacket

Good read, Could have used more Holmes. Pleasing ending. Russell & Holmes continue to develop their relationship.

Justice Hall

King, Laurie R.

Bantam 2002

Hardback with dustjacket

Ruseell and Holmes help friends from the past when they go to Justice Hall, the home of a relunctant Duke... Usual good read from this author.

O Jerusalem

King, Laurie R.

Bantam 1999

Hardback with dustjacket

Good read. Fifth book in the series which chronicles an earlier adventure. Russell and Holmes travel as Bedouins in the Holy Land to uncover a plot that threatens Palestine right after WWI.

The Moor

King, Laurie R.

St, Martin's Press 1998

Hardback with dustjacket

Good read. Russell and Holmes face a mystery in the Moors where once "the Hound" abounded.

The Beekeeper's Apprentice or On The Segregation of the Queen

King, Laurie R.

St. Martin's Press 1994

Hardback with dustjacket

Great Read. Sherlock Holmes takes on an apprentice - Mary Russell and falls in love...

Sherlock Holmes in Portrait and Profile

Klinefelter, Walter

Schocken Books 1975

Trade Paperback

Non-fiction. Nice pictures of Holmes in a variety of settings.

The Hidden Years

Kurland, Michael, editor

St. Martins Minotaur 2004

Hardback with dustjacket

An excellent collection of stories by various authors themed around those years when Holmes was in Hiatus after the struggle at the Reichenbach Falls.

All-Consuming Fire

Lane, Andy

Doctor Who Books 1994


A Dr. Who Adventure in which Holmes & Watson appear, Illustrated by Mike Nicholson. Great Read.

The Leacock Roundabout

Leacock, Stephen

Dodd, Mead & Co. 1952

Hardback; no dustjacket

A collection of humorous essays /stories, etc. by Leacock. Includes 2 items about a Great Detective (obviously Holmes) Essay & Story. Interesting, rest of the stories not so...

The Adventures of Picklock Holes

Lehmann, R. C.

The Aspen Press 1975

Trade Paperback

Fun Parody of Holmes, story collection.

Rasputin's Revenge, The Further Startling Adventures of Auguste Lupa - Son of Sherlock Holmes

Lescroart, John T.

Donald L. Fine 1987

Hardback with dustjacket

Good Read. Sequel to Son of Holmes.

Son of Holmes

Lescroart, John T.

Donald L. Fine 1986

Hardback with dustjacket

Good Read

Copper Beeches

Lewis, Arthur H.

Pocket Books 1972


Unreadable book about a Sherlock Holmes Club - The Copper Beeches solving a mystery.

Dead Man's Confession, The Adventures of Shelly Holmes Case #1

Lewis, Cass

Family Vision Press 1993


Great granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes becomes a detective. Readable, but not exciting to me, perhaps to a 10-14 aged girl...

Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries, The Crown vs. Dr. Watson

Lientz, Gerald

Berkley 1988


A game playing book

The Young Witches Book Two: London Babylon

Lopez, Solano & Barreiro

Eros 2000

Trade paperback

Adult Graphic Novel about two witches captured and drugged by Jekyll/Hyde for perverted reasons. Sherlock Holmes investigations gets him involved.

Sherlock Holmes, The Great Detective in Paperback

Lovisi, Gary

Gryphon Books June 1990

Trade Paperback

Non-Fiction. Bibliography of Holmes Canon and pastiches in paperback. Interesting and well-illustrated.

Sherlock Holmes in The Loss of the British Bark Sophy Anderson & Sherlock Holmes in The Grey Nun Legacy

Lovisi, Gary / Smith, P.S.

Gryphon Books March 1992

Trade paperback

Double Book - with two stories starting from each end of book, Okay Read

The Universal Holmes

Lupoff, Richard A.

Ramble House 2007

Audio Book.

A collection of Sherlock Holmes stories written over several years. Includes one story where a young Sherlock Holmes meets C. August Dupin (E.A Poe's Detective) and another where Dr. Watson meets Edgar Rice Burroughs. Some unusual looks at the world of Sherlock Holmes.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Daughter

McTavish, Ian

Ida Games Audio 1993

Audio Book.

Sherlock Holmes' daughter solves the mystery of a magician who years earlier kept Holmes from seeing his daughter and wife. (Holmes is now dead). Interesting, but...

The Tandridge Hall Murders and Other Stories

Maguire, Eddie

Breese 2000

Trade Paperback.

A collection of typical style Sherlock Holmes stories - no daring surprises. Generally statisfying.

The Adventures of the Second Mrs. Watson

Mallory, Michael

Deadly Alibi Press 2002

Trade paperback

Several stories where the second Mrs. Watson solves the mystery with and without Sherlock Holmes. Actually pretty enjoyable read.

The Sherlock Holmes Adventure

McCafferty, Regis

iUniverse 2004

Trade Paperback

Parody. Collection of stories about a grown-up Baker Street Irregular, Joshua Pitt, who has become a detective. One story contains a very slight appearance of Holmes and Watson.

Sherlock Holmes and the Skull of Death

McClellan, Robert E.

1stBooks 2001

Hardback; no dustjacket

This novel involves Holmes and Watson with the historical Piltdown Man hoax - a supposed prehistoric man found in England. Interesting, if not the best written.

The Canary Trainer

Meyer, Nicholas

W W Norton & Co. 1993

Trade paperback

Third Sherlock Holmes pastiche by this author. Fair Read, but not as good as the first two novels.

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

Meyer, Nicholas

Ballantine Books August 1975


Great Read as Sherlock Holmes seeks Dr. Sigmund Freud's help in kicking his cocaine addiction.

The West End Horror

Meyer, Nicholas

Dutton 1976

Hardback with dustjacket

Good Stuff. There is a dark threat to the health and welfare of London, can Holmes and Watson discover the truth before it is too late...?

The Great Detective and the Crucible of Life or the Adventure of the Rose of Fire

Miller, Thos. Kent

Wildside Press 2005

Trade Paperback

Features a young Sherlock Holmes, incognito, in an African adventure with Alan Quartermain (King Soloman’s mine). Well written, mainly a Quartermain pastiche.

Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon

Millett, Larry

Viking Penguin 1996

Hardback with dustjacket.

Holmes and Watson face a firebug in America.

Watson's Choice

Mitchell, Gladys

Dell Publishing 1991

Peripheral to Holmes. Not very interesting (to me).

The Raving

Moffat, Len

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine February 1998

Dell Magazine

An Okay Holmes-related Poem

A Study In Pictures

Montgomery, Jame

B.S.I. Magico Magazine 1984

Hardback; no dustjacket

Interesting. Non-fiction

Tales from the Texas Woods

Moorcock, Michael

Mojo Press 1997

Hardback with dustjacket

Contains a Sherlock Holmes pastiche which is quite good. The rest is unrelated stories and essays which are readable.

A Puzzle for Sherlock Holmes

Newman, Robert

Carousel 1981


Despite being written for the younger reader (age 12?) A nice read.

The Case of the Baker Street Irregular

Newman, Robert

Atheneum 1976

Hardback with dustjacket

Andrews is in London for the first time, when his guardian is kidnapped. Screamer, the sister of a Baker Street Irregular, comes to his rescue as does Sherlock Holmes eventually. Young adult novel, but I found it quite readable - Holmes is enjoyable.

The Case of the Vanishing Corpse

Newman, Robert

Atheneum 1980

Hardback with dustjacket

Second novel about a boy named Andrews and a girl named Screamer, who is the sister of a Baker Street Irregular, set in Sherlock Holmes's London. The duo along with a constable solve a series of jewel robberies. Holmes is referred to, but does not appear in the book. Young adult novel - yet enjoyable.

Sherlock Holmes and the Arabian Princess

North, John

Ian Henry 1990

Hardback with dustjacket

Princess Fatima volunteers to participate in a Theater Magician's disappearing act, she never reappears. Holmes & Watson are called to the case. So-so writing.

The Sacred Seal

O'Connor, J. Regis

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box 1998

Hardback with dustjacket

Fairly good read as Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a Cardinal at an Monastery.

The Sherlock Holmes Encyclopedia

Park, Orlando

Avenel Books 1985

Hardback with dustjacket

Non-fiction. Encyclopedia of all things Holmes, Good Sturdy Work.

Blood and Tears:

Parsonson, Manny

Space & Time Winter 1988

Trade paperback - magazine

A Sherlock Holmes Story Included in this Magazine

The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother

Pearlman, Gilbert based on the screenplay by Gene Wilder.

Ballantine 1975


Novelization of the movie by the same name starring Gene Wilder. Sherlock Holmes's younger brother attempts to be a private detective with mixed results...

The Dorking Gap Affair

Petrie, Glen

Corgi 1989


A Mycroft Holmes adventure when Sherlock Holmes was still in college. Mycroft faces off against a German spy. Good reading.

The Monstrous Regiment, A Mycroft Holmes Adventure

Petrie, Glen

Bantam 1990

Hardback with dustjacket

Second Mycroft Holmes adventure by author. Mycroft must stop a German spy who is using servants as assasssins. Not as good as the first novel.

Sherlock Holmes and the Story for Which the World is Not Yet Prepared

Pierce, Stephen E.

Xlibris 2002

Trade paperback

Another story set in the Missing Years. Holmes faces the daughter of Prof. Moriarty in Thailand... Actually nicely written.

The Night Calls

Pirie, David

St. Martin’s Minotaur 2003

Hardback with dustjacket

Second novel in series where Arthur Conan Doyle and the real life model for Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Joseph Bell solve mysteries. In this one, the duo face a “seriel” killer and we gain new insight into the early life of Doyle.

The Patient’s Eyes

Pirie, David

St. Martin’s Minotaur 2001

Hardback with dustjacket

First in a series of novels. A young Arthur Conan Doyle and his real life Mentor Dr. Joseph Bell solve crimes using The Method ala Sherlock Holmes and Watson. A little disjointed, but still a good read.

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Volume Two

Powell, Martin and Makinen, Seppo

Moonstone 2004

Trade Paperback

Graphic novel featuring two stories: Return of the Devil about a poisonous supply of cocaine and The Lochness Horror featuring Aleister Crowley. Not a bad way to while away an evening.

Son the Sherlock Holmes, The Woman In Red

Preiss, Byron, author and Reese, Ralph, artist

Bryon Peiss Visual Publications 1977

Trade Paperback

Early Graphic Novel about the son of Sherlock Holmes who resolves a mystery that was once looked at by Sherlock Holmes involving a missing treasure. Story and art are okay, but dated.

Shadows Over Baker Street

Reaves, Michael and Pelan, John, Editiors

Del Rey 2003

Hardback with dustjacket.

The Horror Myths of H.P. Lovecraft (Cthulhu and the Elder Gods, etc.) are themed with the world of Sherlock Holmes. Many interesting stories here. It is fascinating how well Holmes and Watson can fit into the literary worlds of other authors!

Sherlock Holmes in Orbit

Resnick, Mike and Greenberg, Martin H., Editors

Daw Books , Inc. February, 1995


Great Stories of Sherlock Holmes with Science Fictional themes.

The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Riccardi, Ted

Random House 2003

Hardback with dustjacket

Stories of the Oriental adventures of Holmes during the Reichenbach Falls Interlude. Good stuff

Sherlock Holmes's Tales of Terror, The Curse of the Pharaohs

Richards, Kel

Beacon Book 1997

Trade Paperback

The first in a series of horror/Holmes novels for teenagers. This one involves a Mummy. Plot is obvious, the writing uninteresting. Teenagers and everyone else deserves better!

The Book of the Dead

Richardson, Robert

St. Martin's Press 1989

Hardback with dustjacket.

In modern times, a playwright gets involved with a murder mystery revolving around an unpublished Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes short story. Nice read, enjoyable SH story included.

Sherlock Holmes and the Devil's Grail

Roberts, Barrie

Allison & Busby 1995


Good read.

Sherlock Holmes and the Harvest of Death

Roberts, Barrie

Constable Crime 1999

Hardback with dustjacket

Okay story, readable, but not a page turner.

Sherlock Holmes & the Crosby Murder

Roberts, Barrie

Constable 2001

Hardback with dustjacket

Sherlock Holmes and Watson face an Apache in London... Fine story.

The Problem of the Missing Miss

Rogow, Roberta

St. Martin's Press 1998

Hardback with dustjacket

Pastiche with Arthur Conan Doyle and Dr. Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) as the main characters. Guessed the villain right away, did not read entire book, skipped to the end.

The Dream Detective

Rohmer, Sax


Hardback; no dustjacket

Collection of stories by Sax Rohmer about a psychic detective. Somewhat dated, yet told with Sax's highly readable voice. Not Sherlock Homes, but...

Sherlock Hound and the Case of the Foul Smell

Ross, Scott

Unicorn 1993

Hardback; no dustjacket

For ages under 5-6? Illustrated by Scott Ross, this young reader book (36 pages) features Sherlock Hound and Dr. Watson Bulldog and other animal creatures. Not bad.

Sherlock Hound and the Mysterious Missing Pumpkin

Ross, Scott

Unicorn 1993

Hardback; no dustjacket

Illustrated by Scott Ross, this young reader book, ages under 5? (36 pages) features Sherlock Hound and Dr. Watson Bulldog solving a hallowen mystery. Some humor, not bad.

Knight Errant, The Singular Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Rubino, Jane

Calabash Press 2000

Trade paperback

Enjoyable stories based on Sherlock Holmes adventures mentioned in the Canon, but never written by Sir A. Doyle.

W. G. Grace's Last Case or The War of the Worlds Part Two

Ruston, William

Methuen 1984

Trade paperback

Supposedly humorous novel where Dr. Watson is a character. Unable to read...

Seance For A Vampire

Saberhagen, Fred

Tor June 1994

Hardback with dustjacket

Fair Read. Part of the Dracula vampire series of books by this author. Here because in another novel Dracula and Holmes interact.

The Holmes-Dracula File

Saberhagen, Fred

Ace Science Fiction April 1980


Great Read. Holmes and the vampire Dracula face off in London.

It’s A Mystery, Charlie Brown

Schultz, Charles

Paramont 1995

Video, 25 Minutes.

Woodstock’s bird nest is missing and Snoopy in the role of Sherlock Holmes set out to find the missing nest. Not the best of the Peanuts made for TV specials, but well worth seeing Snoopy dressed in Deerstalker and pipe.

Sherlock Holmes and the Titantic Tragedy

Seil, William

Breese 1996

Trade Paperback

Holmes and Watson board the Titantic to look after a secret agent, Christine Norton, and some secret plans. The plans are stolen, the suspects unusual and an iceberg looms...

Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula

Seitz, Stephen

Mountainside Press 2006

Trade Paperback

Another novel with a fresh look combining Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Sherlock Holmes. Story nicely employs characters from Stoker’s book, placing them into the world of Watson and Holmes. Some new insights, nice characterizations of Holmes and Watson, an enjoyable, quality read.


Shatner, William and Tobias, Michael

Berkley June 1992


Arthur Conan Doyle/Houdini Story; Great Read.

Sherlock Holmes and the 1902 Fifth Test

Shaw, Stanley

Star Books 1986


Esoteric story themed around Cricket, But Good Reading.

The Siam Question

Sheil, Timothy Francis

Camden House 1999

Hardback with dustjacket

Another pastiche dealing with the three years when Holmes was "dead". Enjoyable even if I disagree with some of the elements... Irene Adler's fate for example...

Sherlock Holmes and the Kiss of Death

Shurnway, P.C.

Booksurge 2005

Trade Paperback Good Holmes and Watson face a theatrical magician who uses body parts to mark his murder victims. An okay read.

The Angel of the Opera

Siciliano, Sam

Otto Penzler Books 1994

Hardback with dustjacket.

Great Read. Phantom of the Opera faces off with Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Delightful ending

Sherlock Holmes On Medicine and Science

Simpson, Professor Keith , C.B.E., M.D., Home Office Pathologist

Magico Magazine 1983

Hardback; no dustjacket

Interesting Non-Fiction look at Holmes's understanding of Science and medicine.

The Adventure of the Ectoplasmic Man

Stashower, Daniel

William Morrow & Co. 1985

Hardback with dustjacket.

A Good Read.

Sherlock Holmes’ Lost Adventure
The True Story of the Giant Rats of Sumatra

Steinhauer, Lauren

iUniverse, Inc. 2004

Trade Paperback

Another novel about the Giant Rats, somewhat choppy, but good voice and fairly good characterization of Holmes and Watson. Darwin and Mendel are characters in the book as well.

The Singular Adventures of Mr. Sherlock Holmes

Stockwell, Alan

UPSO 2003

Trade Paperback

In this collection of stores, Holmes & Watson are more caricatures, than characters. I guessed the solutions in most stories before the revelation. Still generally readable.

A Three-Pipe Problem

Symons, Julian

Avon 1976


A TV actor playing Sherlock Holmes, so identifies with the role, he decides to solve a murder mystery using Sherlock Holmes's techniques. Enjoyable

Great Detectives, Seven Original Investigations

Symons, Julian

Abrams 1981

Hardback with dustjacket

A collection of biographical-like essays about Nero Wolfe, Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Maigret and Ellery Queen along with some new adventures... Dry, but A-Okay

The Kentish Manor Murders

Symons, Julian

Viking 1988

Hardback with dustjacket

The TV actor playing Sherlock Holmes returns to solve a new mystery regarding a bogus? Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes manuscript and a recluse who collects SH.

The Unopened Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Taylor, John

BBC 1993

Trade paperback.

Six readable stories. Not great, but enjoyable.

Sherlock Holmes : The Chinese Junk Affiar and Other Stories

Templeman, Roy

Breese 1998

Trade Paperback

Three long stories: The Chinese Junk Affair; the Tick Tock Man and The Trophy Room. All enjoyable.

The Baker Street Mysteries: The Mystery of the Yellow Hands

Thoene, Jake & Luke

Moorings 1995

Trade Paperback

The first in a series of Holmes mysteries by the authors. This is a juvenile mystery where focus is on the "Baker Street Brigade" - Wiggins and others pursue the mystery...

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice from the Crypt

Thomas, Donald

Carroll & Graf 2002

Hardback with dustjacket

Sherlock Holmes stories where Holmes solves cases based upon actual crimes - fairly good with a distinct flavor.

Sherlock Holmes and The Golden Bird

Thomas, Frank

Pinnacle Books September 1979


Rollicking novel, if not the best drawn.

Sherlock Holmes and The Masquerade Murders

Thomas, Frank

Otto Penzler Books 1986

Hardback with dustjacket

Fair Read

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Tales

Thomas, Frank

Gryphon 2001

Trade paperback.

Collection of short stories, readable, but stories could have been better developed.

The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Thomas, Frank

Macmillan 1997

Hardback with dustjacket

Good read, cases based on historical fact.

Sherlock Holmes and The Sacred Sword

Thomas, Frank

Pinnacle Books September 1980


Okay Read

Sherlock Holmes and The Treasure Train

Thomas, Frank

Pinnacle Books March 1985


Okay Read

Holmes and Watson

Thomson, June

Carroll & Graf 2001

Hardback with dustjacket

A biography of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Well written and thorough, if you have not read any other biographies of the famous duo this is a good one.

The Secret Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes

Thomson, June

Otto Penzler Books 1994

Hardback with dustjacket

Great Read. Collection of stories

The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes

Thomson, June

Otto Penzler Books 1990

Hardback with dustjacket

Great Read. Collection of stories

The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes

Thomson, June

Chivers Thorndike 2004

Trade paperback

Great Read. Collection of stories, most of which are based upon titles mentioned by Doyle in the Canon, but never written by him.


Thor, Raymond

Danger Publishing 1998

Trade paperback.

In this rather different Sherlock Holmes pastiche, the protagonist gets in trouble after finding a diary written by Doyle that states Sherlock Holmes & Watson actually existed and faced Jack the Ripper. Enjoyable.

Basil in the Wild West

Titus, Eve

Minstrel 1982

Trade Paperback

Basil, former resident of 221b Baker Street, is the Sherlock Holmes of Mousedom. Here with mouse companion, Dr Dawson, he solves mysteries in the Old West. While a children's book, this is just as enjoyable for the adult reader.

The Great Mouse Detective

Titus, Eve



Animated Disney movie based on the novel Basil of Baker Street. Basil is a mouse that lives in the house of Sherlock Holmes and has absorbed the Holmesian detective method. Basil with his companion Dr. Dawson must face their archenemy Prof. Ratigan and find a missing toy maker. Good movie.

Subcutaneously, My Dear Watson

Tracy, Jack and Berkey, Jim

Rock & Co. 1978

Trade paperback.

Non-fiction. Small book which looks at the cocaine use of Holmes as supported by the Canon and in context of the Victorian Age. Interesting.


Travis, Aaron

Badboy 1993


Collection of Erotic Gay fiction which includes a Sherlock Holmes pastiche entitled The Adventure of the Ragged Youth. Well-written fiction.

The Supreme Adventure of Inspector Lestrade

Trow, M. J.

Stein and Day 1985

Hardback with dustjacket

Novel which focuses on the adventures of Inspector Lestrade. In my opinion, Sherlock Holmes is still better than the Inspector!

Watson's Mournful Reveries

Umansky, Harlan L.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine February 1997,

Dell Magazine

A very nice poem

Ten Years Beyond Baker Street

Van Ash, Cay

Perrenial Library 1988


Very, Very Good. Sherlock Holmes versus Fu Manchu.

Sherlock Holmes and the Hapsburg Tiara

Vanneman, Alan

Carroll & Graf 2004

Holmes & Watson are commissioned to retrieve diamonds from the Archduke of Austria, includes a ride on the Orient Express. Good Read.

Sherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra

Vanneman, Alan

Carroll & Graf 2002

Hardback with dustjacket

Excellent read with a nice variation on this often told (but untold by Doyle) Sumatran Rat tale. Holmes and Watson face the "Giant Rat" in Singapore.

The Adventures of Sherlock Bones

Various Authors

Intergalactic Corporation of Quadrotritacale Quirps, Ltds 1975

Trade Paperback

Star Trek Fanzine featuring stories about Leonard Mccoy solving ridiculous mysteries as Sherlock Holmes AKA Sherlock Bones. For the pure collector at heart for the stories are not very good.

Detective Stories from The Strand Magazine

Various Authors

Oxford University Press 1991

Hardback with dustjacket

Good Stories - Non Sherlock Holmes detective stories printed in The Strand Magazine

Sherlock Holmes TV Classics

Various Authors

Classic TV Series 2003


5 Sherlock Holmes TV shows from the early 1950's. First couple of episodes shown questionable, then they got much better - want to see more

Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson Annual

Various Author s

Grandreams 1979

Hardback; no dustjacket

A collection of good Comics, Photos & Articles

RUSE, Enter the Detective, Volume One

Various Authors/Artists

Crossgen 2002

Trade paperback.

Graphic Novel. Parody. Simon Archard is a Sherlock Holmes like detective w/ female partner in Victorian like society. Story pits Archard against a woman who uses drugs to enslave people.

RUSE, The Silent Partner, Volume Two

Various Authors/Artists

Crossgen 2003

Trade paperback

Graphic Novel. Parody. Simon Archard is a Sherlock Holmes like detective with a female partner in a Victorian like society. Story pits Archard against his first partner who has gone mad.

Sherlock Holmes in the Adventure of the Ancient Gods

Vaughan, Ralph

Gryphon Books May 1990


Strange Read

Sherlock Holmes in the Dreaming Detective

Vaughan, Ralph E.

Gryphon Books June 1992

Trade paperback.

Good Read

The Seventh Bullet

Victor, Daniel D.

St. Martin's Press November 1992

Hardback with dustjacket

Good Read, A Little Dry

The Singular Case of the Duplicate Holmes

Walker, Jan

Ian Henry 1994

Hardback with dustjacket

Sherlock Holmes is impersonated in a devilish plot... Okay story.

The Mycroft Memoranda

Walsh, Ray

St. Martin's Press 1984

Hardback with dustjacket

Another Jack the Ripper Plot

Sherlock Holmes and Music

Warrack, Guy

The University Press Glasgow

Hardback; no dustjacket

Non-Fiction - Interesting.

Watson's Sampler:  The Lost Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Watson, Jr., William F.

Stagecoach Press

Trade Paperback

This is a collection of four Sherlock Holmes pastiches. Author's writing reminds of Doyle's style. Two stories are set in early 1900 America (Newport, Rhode Island), where Holmes and Watson visit Dr. Watson's daughter while solving mysteries. An enjoyable read.

Virtuous Vampires

Weinberg, Robert; Dziemianowicz, S. & Greenberg, M., Edited by

Barnes & Noble 1996

Hardback with dust jacket

Many good stories about vampires - contains one story with Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes’s War of the Worlds

Wellman, Manly W. and Wellman, Wade

Warner Books 1975


Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger unite to fight the Martians in the war first chronicled by H.G. Wells. Delightful.

Tales Out of School

Wheat, Carolyn

Crippen & Landru 2000

Hardback with dustjacket.

A collection of mystery stories which includes the Adventure of the Angel's Trumpet, a Sherlock Holmes pastiche. This was originally printed the the anthology, Holmes for the Holidays. The author's other mystery stories are very good.

Everybody's Favorite Duck

Wilson, Gahan

The Mysterious Press November 1988

Hardback with dustjacket

Parody. Okay, But A Little Disjointed. A duck detective plays the role of Sherlock Holmes...

Sherlock Holmes Cookbook

Wright Sean and Farrell, John,

Bramhall House 1976

Hardback with dustjacket

Here is a collection of recipes that represent and are inspired by The Canon and the Victorian menu. Recipes are presented by catagory - breakfast, lunch and supper as well as by various Sherlock Holmes stories. Interesting recipes, most are easy to make... Eat where it is always 1895.

First World Fantasy Awards

Wilson, Gahan, Editor

Doubleday 1977

Hardback with dustjacket

Collection of stories, poems and essays from the Frist World Fantasy Awards. Includes the Sherlock Holmes pastiche: A Father's Tale by Sterling E. Lanier regards the Giant Rat of Sumatra. which is good.

The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes

Wolfe, Sebastian, Editor

Xanadu 1989


Collection of stories, Good Stuff

The Monster of St. Marylebone

Worcester, Wayne

Signet 1999


Sherlock Holmes & Watson face a serial killer. Holmes interacts with a woman. Well written.

A Night In The Lonesome October

Zelazny, Roger ; Illustrated by Gahan Wilson

William Morrow & Co. August 1993

Hardback with dustjacket

What a nice read! Holmes and Watson interact with classical horror characters in the month of October as the days approach Halloween.

Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle Topsites