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Self Treatment For PE Relaxation

Discretely abbreviated as PE, premature ejaculation is a problem for many men, at least occasionally.

There is no set time, by definition, that ejaculating too soon can be called premature ejaculation. By and large, current sex therapists agree that rather than putting a time frame on ejaculation after penetration, it is better to characterize PE as being present. when it is a matter of concern to the man and his partner, and when it interferes with a healthy sex life and positive self esteem level.

When premature ejaculation becomes a focal point, the condition adversely affects not only a manís personal sense of self worth and well being, but is also contributes to moderate and even severe relationship problems.

In extreme cases, the concern about PE may be so severe and permeating, that each and every interaction between the partners is damaging and the relationship gradually disintegrates.

To this end, a cure of the condition is on the forefront of many a manís mind. While there are a wide variety of herbs and other substances that promise success, self treatment for PE with relaxation is one of the most commonly attempted avenues.

Many have reported success when utilizing basic relaxation techniques prior to intercourse. Included in the list are breathing exercises and an achievement of inner centering.

Many times a man and his partner have found that by following relaxation techniques together prior to sex, they are actually able to significantly deepen their emotional connection!

Another methodology for ending premature ejaculations is including relaxation as part of guided imagery.

The goal of this process is to relax the body and the mind while at the same time conveying goals to the penile area.

In simplest terms, a practitioner will seek to envision a sexual act without premature ejaculation, a fulfilling experience for him and his partner. And then imagine, in detail, the bodily functions of the experience.

The objective of this exercise is to relax the mind to such an extent that fear of PE will not cloud the experience and thus set up the man and his partner for a potentially stressful encounter.

Some have suggested that combining relaxation, guided imagery, and also medications may make for a successful treatment, even for long term PE sufferers. Others contend that in order for relaxation and guided imagery to be of any value at all, it is vital to first exclude any physical reasons for the sexual dysfunction.

Medical attention and a complete physical Ė with blood work to check hormone levels Ė is, of course, a wise action to take prior to engaging in any form of treatment for PE. In some cases, a patient may find that premature ejaculation is secondary to a condition which requires attention, such as a hormonal deficiency that may be traced back to an organ malfunction. The latter could be simply cured and in the course of so doing the PE may also resolve itself.

In the same vein, have your physician take a look at all of the medications and supplements being ingested over the course of a day. This will help exclude any chemical reasons for the condition.

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