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Finding A Doctor That Specializes In Premature Ejaculation

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation and it has lasted longer than a couple of months or if you have always suffered from premature ejaculation then it might be time for you to make an appointment with your doctor to see if there is something else causing your premature ejaculation. Usually the source of premature ejaculation is nothing to worry about. There are many things that can cause premature ejaculation in men. Menís sexual health can be very fragile and is greatly impacted by mental state so if you are upset, stressed out, anxious, or depressed all of those factors could contribute to premature ejaculation.

Most of the time premature ejaculation is not chronic. For most men premature ejaculation is a temporary condition that occurs when your life is very stressful like during a career change or a move or starting a new relationship. But for some men premature ejaculation is a constant problem. If you have constant problems with premature ejaculations then you could definitely make an appointment with a doctor to discuss your premature ejaculations. Sometimes premature ejaculation is an indication of a bigger medical problem that needs to be addressed. There are some medical conditions that occur only in men, like prostrate problems, and premature ejaculations can be strong symptoms that a man has a prostate problem. Older men especially should get checked by a doctor if they experience chronic premature ejaculation because older men are prone to prostate problems.

Usually if there is a medical cause of premature ejaculation it is something treatable like a hormone imbalance or a thyroid condition. Sometimes though, especially in older men, premature ejaculations can mean a prostate problem or condition, sometimes even cancer. So if you have regular premature ejaculations itís important to find a doctor that specializes in the male reproductive system so that you can be examined and diagnosed by an expert. Only an expert will be able to find the real cause of your premature ejaculation if that problem is medical.

An expert in the field will be able to determine if there is a medical cause for your premature ejaculations such as a hormone imbalance. If you do have a hormone imbalance, or a thyroid problem, then an expert doctor who specialize in the health of menís reproductive systems will be able to prescribe the necessary medicine and treatment to help you deal with the medical problem that is causing your premature ejaculation.

A doctor that specializes in menís reproductive disorders is a urologist. You will probably need a referral from your primary care doctor in order to get an appointment with a good urologist so when you think that your premature ejaculations have gone on long enough to be considered long term then schedule an appointment with your doctor and discuss your concerns with him so that he can refer you to a good urologist. You may have to wait months to get an appointment with a good urologist so donít wait. If you are having problems with premature ejaculations make an appointment to see your doctor today.

News About Premature Ejaculation

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