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Relaxation Techniques To Help PE

As any sufferer from premature ejaculation knows, relaxation techniques to help PE are considered one of the premier forms of self treatment and this will be attempted by a large number of affected individuals. Yet the exact methodology is sometimes murky and unless a man decides to learn proper relaxation that will offer overall physical and mental wellbeing as part of its effect, the odds of achieving relief from PE are rather low.

Interestingly, not each and every relaxation technique works for each individual, and thus a bit of trial and error is involved in this treatment. The three most common forms of relaxation are muscle repose, autogenic exercises, and image driven meditation.

Muscle repose is perhaps the most commonly utilized relaxation technique and by and large it follows the patterns of briefly tensing and then actively relaxing the muscles. Some perform this exercise by muscle group while others choose to work their way from toes to head, or head to toes. The goal of this relaxation technique is to create a heightened awareness of the body’s relaxed state. For the sake of overcoming PE, it may be incorporated in sexual foreplay and serve to relax the man’s body but also mind prior to engaging in sexual activity, thus lessening the incidents of premature ejaculation related to nervousness and over stimulation.

Autogenic exercises are usually done by the man alone and take a bit of time. The relaxation achieved is deeper than with simple muscle repose and it is sometimes the precursor of a hypnotic state. Focus is once again on the bodily relaxation and awareness thereof, but from there it moves forward and seeks to explore bodily responses to arousal and thoughts of arousal and then consciously calming the heartbeat and controlling the intake and outlet of breath in an effort to reverse sudden excitability. When coupled with breathing exercises, men may have the ability to maintain control over the point of impending ejaculation, but in the beginning stages of utilizing this relaxation technique, some may find that there are being distracted from their partners and the sexual act.

Last but not least is the relaxation technique known as meditation; for the sake of inhibiting premature ejaculation it is considered controversial in that some have suggested the use of images or even mantras that are decided non-arousing. Picturing one’s in-laws or reciting a portion of the tax code is thought to fall into this category. Opponents of this technique claim that by damping arousal there is no actual control over the point of inevitable ejaculation that is being achieved; instead, mental and bodily distraction serve to undercut the emotional response to arousal and thus – although perhaps effectively inhibiting an occurrence of PE – are actually undercutting the formation of the bond between the sex partners.

To this end it is wise to consider carefully the relaxation techniques to help PE you will use, and if possible discuss them with a sex therapist of physician who may have some suggestions or input on how to maintain a healthy relationship while learning to control your ejaculation.

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