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Pregnancy and Ovarian Cysts

by Jay Tyler

An ovarian cyst is usually a harmless structure containing fluids with no symptoms. It is a common occurrence in women including pregnant women. Ovarian cysts during pregnancy occur at a ratio of about 1 in 1,000 women.

Many ovarian cysts found during the course of a pregnancy are not malignant and it is quite uncommon for a pregnant woman to get ovarian cancer. A medical practitioner will conduct an ultrasound to determine if an ovarian cyst is cancerous or non-cancerous. A benign cyst appears as a fluid-filled sac without any thick walls of septation. Even so, an ultrasound cannot determine if a cyst is malignant with 100 percent accuracy.

Ovarian cysts, even those that are benign, will grow large. This in turn can create complications during pregnancy. Though large cysts cause pain to both pregnant and non-pregnant women, a rupture of a large ovarian cyst during pregnancy can cause a risk of a miscarriage or premature labor. Pre-term delivery may occur due to complications brought about by an ovarian cyst during pregnancy.

Under most circumstance, women rarely have problems with ovarian cysts during pregnancy, so long as the ovarian cyst does not become too large or ruptures. Even if the ovarian cyst ruptures, the result is often only pain and rarely infection. This pain can be lessened through the use of pain relievers and will not interfere with the normal progress of pregnancy. Moreover, despite their ovarian cyst, women can still use anesthesia during labor. Consequently, ovarian cysts do not present a huge threat during a pregnancy.

The only time when a ovarian cyst generally requires surgery is when it it becomes twisted. The surgery to correct the problem will usually not cause any pregnancy complications. But with every surgery there are going to be risks that should be avoided at all costs if possible. Generally, removal will only be preformed if the cyst grows any larger then 6 CM in diameter.

If the decision has been made that the ovarian cyst needs to be removed the best time that should take place is usually during the second trimester because it usually means having less complications. While large cysts require a actual incision for removal, most times the surgery can be done through laparoscopy. Due to the chances of the ovarian cysts bursting, especially larger cysts need to be monitored very closely by your doctor.

In short, while ovarian cysts during pregnancy are fairly common, they should be closely monitored throughout the pregnancy. Ovarian cysts are generally no worse for the health of the would-be mother than they would be at any other time.

About the Author:  The overwhelming excitement of becoming a new mother can become very stressful if you suffer with Ovarian Cysts during Pregnancy and they are more common then you would expect. Reading additional information at can help you be alert for any possible complications.

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