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Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer Now What

Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer? Now What?

The fact that your gynecologist ordered another battery of tests has probably tipped you off to the fact that all was not well. Maybe your primary care physician was concerned about some abnormalities that came to light during your regular blood work up which is part and parcel of your annual physical. Whatever the case may be, although your doctors were most likely very careful not speculate or guess in an attempt to not unduly distress you, before long it becomes evidence that ovarian cancer may be at the forefront of the conditions for which they are testing.

When the day arrives that you have that sit down meeting in the doctor’s office you know the news is not good, but nonetheless the handing down of the diagnosis is still a blow. You are diagnosed with ovarian cancer – now what?

* Shock, grief, stress and simple disbelief are common emotions. You will not be thinking clearly and it is a good idea to have a trusted person who accompanies you to your appointment with the doctor to ensure that no facts and pieces of information get lost. As you are processing what is being said, the trusted third party can take notes with respect to treatment options, diagnosis details, options, and also questions to which the physician needs answers.
* Knowledge is power and you will do well to learn all you can about the disease which is now part and parcel of your life. Educate yourself with facts from reputable sources, research the various treatment options, and in so doing write down the questions you will undoubtedly formulate in your mind. Having such questions written down will make your next doctor’s appointment more productive and informative.
* Ask for a referral to a specialist. The most likely choice will be a gynecologic oncologist – a physician who is also surgeon and whose main specialty is the treatment of reproductive cancers in women. Not only will this consultation serve as a second opinion, but it will also establish a working relationship with a physician who is at the forefront of treating women diagnosed with ovarian cancer and thus will be your central contact.

Keep in mind that sometimes the delay between seeking a second opinion from another physician may hold up your treatment and depending on the staging of your cancer this may be a dangerous undertaking and should be considered with a lot of advice. Sure, you do want to make sure that your doctors got the diagnosis correct and if you have doubt a second opinion before any major treatment or surgery is highly suggested, but if time is of the essence, it may be safer to err on the side of caution than on the side of consumer protective advice that seeks to lessen unnecessary treatments. Your survival is of the utmost importance and the primary goal of any treatment and if seeking out a second opinion jeopardizes your chances of getting rid of the cancerous cells before they spread, it is not worth the danger.

News About Ovarian Cancer

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