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What is Morgellons Syndrome and What is Causing It?

Definition of Morgellons Syndrome - Morgellons is an unusual parasite-like skin disease, which produces irritating sores all over the body
People suffering from this condition report a range of  symptoms including crawling, biting and stinging sensations as if they had insects on and under their skin. Skin lesions (rashes or sores) appear all over the body. Fibers of different colors -  blue, red, green, etc.  threads - are found protruding out of the skin. They also may have sand-like granules  and/or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin.  Additionally some sufferers also report systemic manifestations such as fatigue, mental confusion (brain fog), short term memory loss, joint pain, and changes in vision.
Some sufferers of this skin disorder or disease see it as similar to scabies.
The name Morgellons disease was coined by the Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF), which chose the name based on French literature of the 17th century describing a similar condition in children. This old medical paper described symptoms similar to those now associated with Morgellons such as the sensations of itching, crawling, biting, stinging, pricking and burning... 
Causes of Morgellons Syndrome - The actual cause of Morgellons, at this time, remains unknown. There are several suspects. Some doctors believe this disorder is related to Lyme's Disease. It is interesting to note that many of those who show symptoms of Morgellons Syndrome, once had Lyme's Disease. Is it possible that Morgellons is a second phase of Lymes?

Some physicians suspect an as yet unknown pathological agent and point out that the "prions" that cause Mad Cow Disease were only recently discovered. Perhaps another disease causing organism is just about to be discovered.
Others believe that Morgellons is the result of nano machines accidentally or purposefully released into the environment. A nano machine is a man-made molecular machine comprised of a few atoms or chains of atoms, use to do work at the atomic level in manfacturing process. In the biological field, nano machines work at the celular level inside of body cells. Although this sounds like something straight out of some space strategy games, nano machines are a reality. Much like in a space game, their objective is to assemble and attack or repair at a cellular level. The fear is that the self replicating nature of the nano machines might not be able to be turned off. Without being unchecked how could you stop the machines?
Those who subscribe to the Morgellons nano machine theory believe that these tiny machines are creating tiny fibers that spread throughout the entire body building a new kind of bodily network. They also think that the Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or 'group intelligence.'  And that the nano machines are trying to remake the human body into some kind of synthetic biological machine!
Is there really a possibility that  an invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating  machines has occurred? That nano machines are creating visible tubes, colored fibers, wires, and other  arrays that could  be sensors or 'antennae', by genetically altering human cells? We don't know, but nanotechnology is a real, and thriving industry today. Although this theory is still thought of as science fiction for a movie or space game, this could be a potential cause of the diesase.
Another possible source of Morgellons maybe coming from Chemtrails. Fibers similar to those described by Morgellons patients appear to be found in jet plane exhausts - those white lines in the sky caused by the passage of airplanes. Chemtrails appear to be particularly heavy releases from planes (perhaps purposeful releases of unknown chemicals, nano machines, viruses, etc.)  containing fibers. There is strong anecdotal evidence linking these Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers.
It is possible that the cause for Morgellons is thus some type of chemical  poisoning caused by airplanes. It should be noted, here, that airplanes do cause environmental pollution in humans. Traces of unburned jet fuel have been found in mother's breast milk around the world...
Is Morgellons Syndrome a Real Disease? Because no root cause of Morgellons has yet to be found, many doctors feel those who are exhibiting symptoms of Morgellons  actually only believe they are infected with parasites. Diagnosed with delusional parasitosis, these patients are thus referred to psychaitrists.
Morgellons is characterized by many physicians and dermatologists as ‘Delusions of Parasitosis” meaning that the patient thinks there are insects or bugs crawling and scratching under their skin. They exhibit neurological symptoms such as depression, chronic fatigue and ‘brain fog’ which render the patient essentially incapacitated.
The Morgellons Research Foundation argues that the behavioral disorders are caused  by Morgellons. The scientific community is taking the opposite view - describing the symptoms of Morgellons as a delusion associated with an underlying behavioral disorder.
Whether Morgellons is caused by an infectious agent such as Lymes, comes from an environmental source - nano machines or chemical poisoning, or is the result of a psychological disorder, there is no doubt that the sores, fibers, pains, and other physical manifestations are real. Until the root cause is determined, the symptoms should be treated. Keeping a clean home and office is an easy way to start defending yourself against any diseases or illness. A cleaning and maintenance company can insure your office is always clean and helps insure that your employees work in a healthy environment.
Treatment for Morgellons Syndrome - Due to the nebulous nature of this disease - the cause for the disease has yet to be determined, a regular treatment regime has yet to be created. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a treatment similar to what is given for Lyme's Disease has been effective in some cases. Others have found relief in the use of colloidal silver (silver suspended in liquid, usually water).
And, of course, many doctors have suggested that psychological treatments are in order.
People are suffering  from Morgellons Syndrome. Sometimes whole families come down with the symptoms at the same time.  At this time,  some are recommending that you treat the sores and other symptoms as you would as if they appeared seperately. And continue to demand real attention from your doctors and further research into this condition.

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