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The Most Effective Natural Remedy For Lyme Disease.

Now You Can Treat Your Own Lyme Disease Symptoms Using the Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection
Lyme Strategies Protocol Guide

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News About the Nano Machines

Light-controlled nanomachine can move forwards or in reverse
A new type of nanomachine made up of molecular motors and modulators that act together so that the machine can move either forwards or backwards has been developed by researchers in France. The device, which works using only light, could work as a ...

Controlled Environments Magazine

On Your Mark, Get Set … Nano! - Controlled Environments Magazine
Controlled Environments Magazine
Nanocars will compete for the first time ever during an international molecule-car race on April 28-29 in Toulouse, France. The vehicles, which consist of a few ...

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Deccan Chronicle

Nano Race is on: The world's first international race for molecule-cars
Deccan Chronicle
The experiment began in 2013 as part of an overview of nano-machine research for a scientific journal, when the idea for a car race took shape in the minds of CNRS senior researcher Christian Joachim (now the director of the race) and Gwénaël Rapenne, ...

Interview: Printed Copper Inks Now Available for Conductive Patterns
Machine Design
PV Nano Cell, an Israel-based firm, recently announced it had developed a copper-based ink that performs similarly to silver-based versions. To get a better idea of what these inks are capable of and what the new cooper-based version means, we talked ...

How molecular machines may drive the future of disease detection and drug delivery
Science Daily
The team, which also includes Hongquan Zhang, an assistant professor of laboratory medicine & pathology, postdoctoral fellow Hanyong Peng, and Xing-Fang Li, a professor of laboratory medicine & pathology, created the nanomachine from compartments ...

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Molecular Machines May Lead to Early Cancer Detection, Targeted Therapies
Specialty Pharmacy Times
Molecular machines, referred to as nanomachines, could be the future of disease detection and drug delivery, according to a study published by Nature Communications. This technology could lead to earlier diagnoses and more targeted treatments.

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