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Beyond Biodiesel - Getting the Most Out of Your Car & Car Parts

Cars are some of the most well-known contributors to pollution due to their high amount of emissions from fossil fuels. These emissions cause problems with air quality and the ozone layer, for example. They also contribute to respiratory illnesses and certain other types of health problems. Despite these concerns, cars continue to be the preferred choice of transportation for many, particularly in countries like the U.S. To reduce these problems, there are actions that people can take that range from ensuring that their cars are well-maintained to replacing their vehicle altogether.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, car owners should stick to the appropriate maintenance schedule in terms of air filter replacements and tune-ups. In addition, drivers should have any faulty or worn parts, such as the oxygen sensor or spark plugs, replaced as soon as possible. Other steps such as taking heavy items out of the car and checking tire inflation can help vehicles burn gas less quickly. If financially possible, one may consider replacing their conventional car with one that does not rely solely on fossil fuels. Available options include electric vehicles that plug in for power and hybrid vehicles that use both gas and electricity. Alternative fuels are another option.

Biodiesel, for example, is a type of fuel that is created by using vegetable oils and animal fats. The recycled grease that comes from restaurants is yet another way in which biodiesel may be produced. Biodiesel does not emit the amount of pollution that traditional, petroleum diesel releases. Drivers of diesel vehicles that were manufactured before 1993 may be able to use a biodiesel blend. A biodiesel blend is a blend of biodiesel and petroleum diesel. However, 100 percent biodiesel is also available. For people living in the U.S., the most commonly available blend is 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel, which is known as B20. For safety, it is best to check with the manufacturer on which blend is best. To use biodiesel, one must locate a biodiesel fueling station, which can be found in all states in the U.S.

There are numerous resources that are available to help people get the most out of their cars by making the right choices, whether it is by replacing car parts or buying a new car. People can also educate themselves on topics such as other fuel alternatives and the first and second laws of thermodynamics, and. These resources are readily available online through educational and government sites. In addition, there are many organizations that focus on making vehicles more efficient. These organizations are also a good source of information on how to get the most out of your car.

All About Biodiesel

Click on this link for an informational page on biodiesel. Visitors to this page are able to read about the history, advantages, and creation of biodiesel. The page also includes several links to related websites.

Biodiesel Links from Providers of Discount Auto Parts and Others

People interested in learning about biofuel will find answers to some common questions on the topic when they click this link. Visitors to the site are also given a list of links to further information.

Biodiesel Retailers and Resources, Including a Discount Auto Parts Site

This page includes two separate columns regarding biodiesel. One column lists retailers and producers of biodiesel, while the second column lists websites that feature information on biodiesel.

Resources for a Green Economy

People living in Vermont can find useful information on energy-saving and alternative fuels. The links on the page are to various websites, with Vermont sites listed in bold print.

Cheap Car Parts Online and Other Sandgate, Vermont, Sites, and Resources

The information on this page is for people in Sandgate, Vermont, looking for helpful links such as relevant town documents, Sandgate websites, and links to socially responsible sites.

Peace and Justice Coalition Resources

Click on this link to find a page of links to peace groups, blogs, peace resources, media watchdog sites, and more. The page belongs to the Whittier Area Peace and Justice Coalition.

Car Industry and Energy Efficiency Resources

At this link, where readers will find a list of links to pages related to not only car and energy efficiency, but also weather, government, off-site research, and maps.

Tax Incentives, Energy Savings Tips, and Other Resources

This page from the Grand Valley State University Michigan Alternative & Renewable Energy Center contains information on Michigan tax incentives, including energy and cost saving guides

Internet Bookmarked Resources

On this page, readers will find a long list of bookmarked pages that cover a variety of topics, all of which are not related. Categories included on the list range from "Computers and Technology" to "Home Improvement" to "Stocks and Mutual Funds."

Guides and Resources on Electric Vehicles and Cheap Car Parts Online

By clicking on this link, readers can open a page of links pertaining to electric vehicles and trucks. Some of the links provide information on the greenest cars, solar cars, and more.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: Links to Discount Auto Parts and Other Resources

This link opens up a page on the website for The Center for Advanced Automotive Technology, where visitors will find a list of links related to electric vehicles, hybrids, and other advanced auto technologies. The information is broken down into categories that include laws, FAQs, associations, and more.

Dougla s R. Wright: Thermodynamic Principles

On this page, readers will find a list of resources related to the introduction of thermodynamic principles for the Social Sciences. The list of resources is from a combination of commercial and educational sites.

Science Sites: Astronomy, Earth Science, and More

Click on this link for a list of science-related websites, on topics such as health, botany, and wildlife.

Robert W. Woodruff Library: Internet Resources

By clicking on this link to the Robert W. Woodruff Library website, readers will open a page with a list of useful Internet resources on topics such as going green.

Driving Websites, Including Insurance, Discount Auto Parts, and DMV

People who are learning to drive can click on this link for more information regarding car insurance, driving skills, and driving manuals. Readers can access this information by clicking on links to websites that offer auto parts, insurance, and more.

Teen Driving Websites

This page lists various types of websites that offer useful information for teenage drivers.

Teen Driving Resources: Insurance, DMV, and Discount Auto Parts

Parents and teens who open this link will find a short list of links to websites for the CA DMV and insurance and auto parts companies. These resources provide the reader with articles and tips on driving as a teenager.

Alternative Energy Fuels and Biodiesel Discount Auto Parts

On this page, readers who are interested in energy conservation and green fuel sources will find a list of alternative energy resources. The lists are broken down into categories such as "biofuel" and "solar power."

Photos of Yesteryear

Clicking on this link opens up a page of links to photos of various past sprint car drivers and their vehicles.

Offroad Pictures, Websites, and Cheap Car Parts Online

This link leads to a website that features off-road vehicles and 4x4s. Near the bottom of the page there is a list of links to websites for off-road enthusiasts.

Automotive Resources: Help and Discount Auto Parts

Visitors to this website will find a list of auto regarding automotive warranty, help, and used auto parts.

Auto Body Collision Repair and & Refinishing

People interested in learning auto body repair and refinishing can click on this link to learn about degrees and programs at Austin Community College District. The page also discusses the type of employment one can expect with this type of education.

Automotiv e Technology Certificate Suggested Schedule

This is the suggested schedule page for the automotive technology certificates offered at Skagit Valley College. A total of five certificates and their suggested schedules are listed.

Pikes Peak Community College: Associate of Applied Science Degree

Students interested in an Associates of Applied Science Degree should click on this link to read more information on programs and requirements.

Automotive Technology, AAS

Read about the Associates of Applied Science degree program offered at Johnson County Community College. The page also offers information on electives by semester and hours.

Recycling Service Look Up: Auto Parts

Seattle residents with questions about recycling car parts will find information on this page about whether parts are accepted curb-side or at drop-off locations. In addition, the page also includes a search box to look up specific items.

Auto Parts and Aftermarket & Industry

On this page, readers will find links to professional industry and trade associations.

Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

By clicking on this link to the Central Piedmont Community College website, you can get information about the facility and facts about their programs and certificates. The page also includes links to pages about the suggested schedule, tool list, and certificates.

Hickman County Auto-Related Businesses

This link opens a page on the Hickman County website that lists local businesses. The businesses featured on this particular page are gas stations, car dealerships, auto parts, and auto repair shops. The page provides each businesses address and phone number.

Seven Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts

This WyoTech blog lists the seven car parts that are most often damaged. The parts are numbered, with a brief explanation provided.

Oro Valley: O'Reilly Auto Parts

Click this link to get business information for O'Reilly Auto Parts in Oro Valley, including a map with directions. The information includes address, phone number, and business hours, plus a link to the website.

The Automobile Industry: Global Value Chain

Visitors to this site will find information involving the automotive supply chain. The information is provided in the form of a diagram and also a list and explanation of each part of the chain.

The United States Automotive Industry

This page reviews information about the auto industry in the U.S., including statistics. The page also includes information regarding foreign automakers who produce cars in the United States.

Santa Barbara City College: Parts Specialist

Prospective students interested in a career as a Parts Specialist can read the career basics on this page.

Auto Collision Repair

People interested in the auto industry can read about a career in auto collision repair by clicking on this page. The page includes links to different paths that can be taken to achieve one's goals. Visitors to the site can read about the latest technologies, as well.

Auto motive Parts Specialist - Level 1 Certificate

Read about the Automotive Parts Specialist - Level 1 Certificate at the Texas State Technical College by clicking on this. Students can read a brief overview of what to expect and information about instructor credentials.

Local Auto Businesses in Caledonia, MN

People living in Caledonia, MN, can find a list of businesses that specialize in auto repair and parts on this page. The provided information includes the businesses' phone numbers, addresses, business hours and services.

Automotive Body Repair

Students of Bevill State Community College can read about getting a certificate in automotive body repair, including skills and training experience. Links to PDFs of course requirements and descriptions are included on this page, as well.

Auto Parts Example

This page includes data and graphs regarding a company's production of stamped metal auto parts.

Automotive Collision Repair - Career Information

Click this link to open up the career information page for automotive collision repair on the College of Lake County website. The information featured on this page includes the job outlook, salary range, and a list of employers of CLC graduates.

Automobile Parts Recycling

People who live in the city of Riverside can read about recycling auto parts by clicking on this link. The page that opens will also provide the addresses of locations that recycle used auto parts.

Pulaski Technical College: Parts Specialist

Students can learn about the Parts Specialist degree requirements at Pulaski Technical College by visiting this page.

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