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Styleveryday posted a photo:

Broadway's '1984' Makes Jennifer Lawrence Vomit and Olivia Wilde Is "Honored"

7:14 AM PDT 7/20/2017


Ashley Lee

“As long as I have a play, Jennifer Lawrence has a place to puke.”

Jennifer Lawrence threw up while watching the Broadway play 1984 — and its star Olivia Wilde says she’s “honored.”
The visually unsettling adaptation...

enemyke posted a photo:

20170703 brons

kots in brons NS handgreep

mikepirnat posted a photo:


mikepirnat posted a photo:


jezbags posted a photo:

Booze Session

Lego Stormtrooper booze session. Thursday is the new friday

rubber rat productions posted a photo:


Question Josh? - SB/DSK posted a photo:

Puke the Rainbow!

sticker collaboration with Wera, ocean, nama1, inko and more!

adoptionabc6 posted a photo:

International Child Foundation & ABC Adoption

International Child Foundation, Inc & ABC Adoption specializes in International and Domestic Adoption, pregnancy counseling and pregnancy help in the greater Tucson and Phoenix Arizona area. We are Hague-Accredited, Licensed and Non-Profit.
Visit Here:

RagingPhotography posted a photo:

Feeling under the weather

I have pity for this dude. He wanted to show off by eating five ghost peppers in a row. This is him two seconds later. As you can see, like all stormtroopers, he missed the toilet. Now he has a mess to clean up. Yea, it was stupid for him to go for the ghost peppers- jalapenos would've been smarter. But still, poor guy.

TooMuchDew posted a photo:

Queasy Guy Rides Again!

The return of Sir Ralph, "Lord of the Technicolor Yawn" in 10257 LEGO Creator Carousel 2670 pieces, 7 minifigures. $199 USD in stores June 1, 2017.

lreis_naturalist posted a photo:

dog vomit slime mold (Fuligo septica) at Lake Meyer Park IA 854A7583

Isn't nature neat?! You couldn't make this stuff up, as the saying goes. Also known as the scrambled egg slime mold, this strange fungus spreads itself out like an amoeba as it searches for nutrients to salvage from grass leaves or detritus on the ground.

Jérôme Wehrle posted a photo:


Andreas Balmer posted a photo:

Street Food

claireloethen posted a photo:


1. Note on toilet seat
2. space
3. emphasis
4. basic edit
5. shallow
6. indoors

Martin M. Miles (..on the road again..) posted a photo:

Ygrande - Saint Martin

Saint Martin´s preceding church belonged to the diocese of Clermont, but the Sires de Bourbon (-Archambaud) transferred it within the 11th century to the Bishop of Nevers. A century later it was owned by the Cluniac priory of Souvigny. At that time the old church got demolished and the erection of Saint Martin started.

A strange capital inside Saint Martin.

All three heads have protruding tongues. "Enormous tongues" are a very specific icon all around Châteaumeillant (dept. Cher), just about 60kms west. Does the left person wear a mitra? Are they vomiting?

fitzrovialitter posted a photo:


Camden Council is enough to make you sick.

ep_jhu posted a photo:

Trump throws up on the Earth

March for Science - Washington, DC

woodcum posted a photo:


gif animation


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