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A Kid's Berry & Fruit Guide to Eating Healthier

Berries offer a variety of health benefits when you add them to your diet. Not only do berries have plentiful amounts of vitamins and minerals, but they also contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that can help the body fight off diseases such as cancer and dementia. Kids often love berries due to their bright, vibrant colors and their small, easy-to-eat size. Add berries to your family's menu for a naturally sweet treat that will help improve everyone's health.

Recipes and Food Web Resource for Berries and More

Use these recipe links to plan nutritious and delicious meals. This resource list includes a variety of different types of foods and cooking styles.

Resources for Gardeners

Learn about gardening and growing in a yard. Novice gardeners can learn about typical plant diseases, edible wild plants, and soil testing.

Health and Physical Education

An educator has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for students to teach them about healthy living guidelines and the importance of staying fit physically.

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Mail-Order Companies for Fruit Arrangements and More

Choose the best gifts for holiday giving with popular mail-order companies.

Orlando Has America's Biggest Sweet Tooth

After reviewing orders for sweets, the results indicate that the city of Orlando places more orders for confections than any other city in the United States.

10 Father's Day Cocktails With Berries to Help You Forget You Have Kids

Indulge in these summertime alcoholic beverages to celebrate Father's Day. These cocktails would be enjoyable at any time during the summer.

Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list with suggestions in this helpful gift guide.

C onversation with Celinda Lake

Explore midterm elections with Celinda Lake to learn her unique perspective.

Models on Their Favorite Valentine's Day Sweet Treats, Such as Fruit Arrangements, and the Best Workouts to Burn Them Off

Learn what models prefer to receive for Valentine's Day to maintain their svelte figures.

Being Barney Frank

Democratic Congressman Barney Frank shares his thoughts and perspectives about being an elected official.

Rush Limbaugh Sponsors Creep Back In to Promote Valentine's Day

Explore details about the Rush Limbaugh Show sponsorship of Valentine's Day retailers and the boycotting activities that ensued.

Plus-Size Unique Strawberry Sues Shari's Berries

Learn the details of a supposed lawsuit that involved Shari's Berries and a Florida strawberry in this piece of satire. The basis of the lawsuit involved discrimination.

Shari's Berries

Shari's Berries is an online retailer that specializes in shipping sweet treats throughout the United States.

Sources for Chocolates

This online listing offers a variety of options for ordering and sending chocolates through a delivery service.

Shari's to Sell Berries on the Internet

Shari's Berries began operation in 1998. This company specializes in speedy delivery of fresh berries and other sweet treats.

Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night

Muhammad Ali lends his name to this fundraiser to raise money for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center.

Rue La La: $30 Worth of Shari's Berries for as Low as $5!

Save money on an order from Shari's Berries by using this discount offer.

Just How Much Was That Famous Movie Date?

Some of the iconic dates from popular movies involved hefty price tags. Learn about the cost of some of these events.

The Secret to Chewy, Fudgy Brownies

The ratio of flour to sugar and chocolate will determine whether brownies are cake-like or chewy.

The Edible Centerpiece Designer

Broward College offers this course to teach students how to design fruits and vegetables into beautiful centerpieces.

Order Cakes and Whoopie Pies for Special Occasions

The University of Maine provides students and families with a way to order cakes and whoopie pies.

Tree Fruit

Cornell University describes the physiology of tree fruit, including growing and pruning recommendations.

Tree Fruit Information

The Virginia Cooperative Extension shares information about growing and caring for trees that bear fruit.

Growing Strawberries

Gardeners of virtually any skill level can have success growing strawberries in a home garden.

Strawberries for the Home Garden

The University of Minnesota shares guidance and recommendations for gardeners wishing to cultivate strawberries at home.

Home Fruit Production: Strawberry Cultivars and Their Culture

The University of Missouri Extension assists home gardeners with advice for growing strawberries.

Growing Strawberries (PDF)

An expert with Purdue University has compiled tips and recommendations for growing strawberries.

Small Fruit Crops for the Backyard: Strawberries

Learn tips for planting and growing strawberries in a home garden. By following expert advice, gardeners may be able to increase a strawberry harvest.

Home Garden: Strawberries

Strawberries are an ideal plant for the home gardener due to easy growing practices. Keep the soil evenly moist, and prevent weeds from encroaching on the plants.

Strawberry Fruit Rots (PDF)

Several different rot diseases can plague strawberry plants. Learn about typical diseases so you know how to fight them.

Anthracnose Fruit Rot of Strawberry

A fungus causes anthracnose fruit rot. The disease causes dark spots on the berries.

Growing Strawberries in Colorado Gardens

Gardeners in Colorado have their choice of several different cultivars when they want to grow strawberries in a home garden.

Growing Strawberries in Your Home Garden (PDF)

Some gardeners opt to grow more than one strawberry cultivar at the same time. This process provides ongoing strawberry production throughout the growing season.

Strawberry Gardening Recommendations

The University of Maryland shares tips and advice for growing strawberries in a home growing area.

Pests in a Strawberry Garden

Manage insects and other pests in a strawberry garden to protect your harvest.

Allotment Gardening in the UK

Using vacant space and turning them into gardens in the UK. There maybe unused lots and space to turn into a garden where you live, too.

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