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The How To Give Up Alcohol Course


Includes 3 books and a Hypnosis MP3 quit drinking

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Boozy Alcoholic American Moonshine Shots

Boozy Alcoholic American Moonshine Shots Ready to Drink

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German Obesity Epidemic (Nuremberg)

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Poor guy scratching a life collecting empties from the tourist trade in Cienfuegos tourist area.

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alcohol medical detox (1)

Potential Death can occur from the “Dangers of a Self-Medicated Detox”

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The Absent Wife/Detroit

I've spent the day without you, dear
and this is what I've found:
Although you vex me slightly
I like when you're around

You boss me like I'm just a boy,
yet tantalize me too,
you make me think about the things
that only lovers do...

Like saying words and telling lies
and whispers in my ear
I should not have disobeyed you,
now please come home, my dear!

And when you do I'll say the words
I should have said before
I'll run my fingers through your hair
and not be such a bore

I swear to you I'll always see
Your sexy feet and hair
And when you say "Now come here, love"
I promise I'll be there

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10 emotis

"Talk about a balanced meal. Yoopers enjoy all the food groups: starch, fat, catsup and, of course, beer."

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One more for the road.

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COZ (203).jpg

Glass of alcohol drink with appetizer lime

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The 99% #2

£2 each plus p&p

Liz Froud posted a photo:

The 99% #2

£2 each plus p&p

Liz Froud posted a photo:

The 99% #2

£2 each plus p&p

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genie in a bottle

shot with Leica Q

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Elizabeth Taylor

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1958)
Directed by Richard Brooks
Shown: Elizabeth Taylor

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(WTAU) Women’s Total Abstinence Union - member’s medal (1920’s or earlier)

The Women’s Total Abstinence Union (WTAU) was a British temperance movement founded in 1893 as a breakaway group from the British Women’s Temperance Association (BWTA). This split was due to differences in policy towards women’s suffrage and political activism, against which the founding members of the WTAU preferred to distance themselves. Despite this, the WTAU maintained close links to other temperance and women’s movements with common aims and objectives.

The WTAU held their first conference on 2nd November 1894 and from there the organisation slowly grew as new branches were established throughout Britain and Ireland. By 1900, the WTAU had around 310 “federated societies”. These federated societies tended to be local affiliates of the WTAU who campaigned on their behalf, but under a different name.

WTAU campaigns were solely “anti drink” and directed against the sale of ‘intoxicating drinks’ to children, abuse of publican’s opening hours, repeal of grocer’s and shopkeeper’s licences to sell alcohol as well as campaigning for the care, treatment and reform of alcoholics (or inebriates as they were known then). Rank and file members would pay close attention to alcohol abuses by vendors and collect evidence against them.

By the outbreak of WW1 in 1914, the temperance movement was already in decline and this pace quickened after the war. By then, it was no longer an issue in national politics, where previously the Liberal Party has been the temperance movement’s greatest political ally. With general membership falling as well, the WTAU and the National British Women’s Temperance Association (NBWTA) merged in 1926 to form the National British Women’s Temperance Association Union. The NBWTAU was renamed the White Ribbon Association in 1993.

‘Wings’ was the official magazine of the WTAU which they retained control of after the split from the BWTA. It was published monthly at a cost of 1d (one penny) per issue and its logo was adapted for use by the WTAU, as seen with this badge. This same medal design was also issued as a pin badge.

References: (The WTAU were part of the general British women’s temperance movement from c.1875 to 1926, when the WTAU merged with the British Women's Temperance Association in 1926 to form the National British Women's Total Abstinence Union). (The influences of the British women’s temperance movement also gained ground in the United States and since the 1920’s, their campaigns also extended to gambling and prostitution (moral welfare). This link outlines the women’s temperance movement in the United States.)

Enamels: 3 (blue, red & white).
Finish: Gilt.
Material: Brass.
Fixer: Bale & suspension ring to take a ribbon.
Size (including the bale): 2/3” x 1 5/16” (19mm x 33mm).
Process: Die stamped.
Imprint: No maker’s name or mark.

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Как происходит кодирование от алкоголизма

Лечение алкоголизма — это сложный и длительный процесс, который нуждается в комплексном подходе. Наиболее эффективным способом является кодирование.

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Alcohol Detox Infographic

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Next Time I See Eugene/Detroit

next time i see eugene
ill ask him why it is,
that being bad and eating food
are specialties of his
ill ask about the postcards
that seem so very nice
but when i stand inside of them
im asking his advice,
on mannequins and music too
on cloudy times and me and you
on how to watch the sun fall down
and lifting up the rainy sounds
ill ask about the empty space
and how that i might find your face
and see you like i did before
the bottle turned us into whores

next time i see eugene
ill ask him why it is
that scratching things and sleeping
are specialties of his

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The Perfect Rain/Detroit

lying in the perfect rain
your song sings once and then again
silly words from far away
the time has come and gone to stay
racing clouds, the blackened birds
try to speak and have no words
empty days and broken nights
the endless dreams that shed no light
on bloody pools upon the floor
i try to think and think some more
and when my thinking time is through
i think some shit 'bout me and you,

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The Evenings Paramour/Detroit

the wooden door is shut and locked
time has stopped on the kitchen clock
stars are in the morning sky,
our silly dreams have passed us by
i take your arm in my drunken hand
and wonder how our life still stands
the wind will blow around the trees
and night time brings us to your knees
let me see you bleed some more,
and be the evenings paramour
my darling


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