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Students and Binge Drinking

In the United States binge drinking is very common. There are many stories in the news, lately, about underage kids' binge drinking - and dying from it. Binge drinking is most common among high school and college students, who have yet to learn the true difficulties that alcohol can create.

In a study done at Harvard University, 51% of the males and 41% of the females binge drank. The study concluded that it takes males, 5 drinks, and it takes female, 4 drinks, for it to be considered binge drinking. Recent research shows that a person who binge drinks or gets drunk frequently is almost ten times more likely to miss a class, fall behind in school, or injure themselves. The study explained that the students that binge drink do not realize how dangerous they are to themselves and others.

Curiosity is one reason underage students binge drink. Another reason students binge drink is, they just want to know what it is like to be drunk.

Unfortunately, one side effect of binge drinking is alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning occurs when you drink too much in a too short period of time. The excess alcohol in your system, overwhelms the body's ability to function. Alcohol poisoning can affect the involuntary reflexes of your heart, causing heart stoppages. It affects your brain whichh can cause other fucntions to slow down as well. This is a real, life-threatening consequence of binge drinking.

Another common reason students binge drink is that old problem of peer pressure. Peer pressure forces students to do things they normally would not do. Most teens and young adults have not matured enough (through experience or time) to resist giving into foolish behavior going on around them.

Many students are driving while intoxicated or under the influence. Although they may not get caught the first, second or even the third time, eventually they do and that leads to huge problems. DUI and DWI is a very serious crime and can cost the student and parents thousands of dollars and could result in jailtime. The danger is very serious and could result in serious injuries or death. A San Antonio DWI Attorney could be your last resort to avoid prison if convicted of a DUI. It is best to just not drink and drive. Unfortunately binge drinking blurs the students judgement and could cause them to make a decision that will affect the rest of their life.

For example, their car could swerve into a different lane and cause a collision - that could be fatal. Secondly, they may get charged with a DWI or DUI, leading to hefty fines and driving restricitons. Thirdly, their license may be suspended or revoked, cars can be impounded. All of these things could be on their permanent record.

Binge drinking often leads to illegal drug use. Sometimes it is a matter of the poor judgement people under the influence of alcohol exhibit. Sometimes the novelty of drinking has worn off and they want to try something new. Many times the students were offered drugs when they were drunk, the students would do them and then they would black out. Students admitted they were more likely to take drugs when they were drinking.

Binge drinking also caused students' grades to drastically drop. They were not attentive in class and did not do their homework. In 99% of schools in the country, teachers did not care that the students were asleep during class. However, this also meant they did not care that the students were in danger of failing. Many high school students got a taste of reality when they did not get into their college of choice.

Of course, binge drinking is not only a problem among high school and college students. It is also a problem with adults. In a recent study, 75% of adults binge drink at least once a month, and one example of that is at professional sporting events. For example, studies show that at Baltimore Ravens football games, some people buy eight beers during one game. The study stated that is considered binge drinking. Even if you are an adult, this is not good for you. The data also concluded that many adults were getting drunk, doing ridiculous things and ending up with alcohol poisoning. In addition, the study concluded adults are drinking and driving, getting DWI's and DUI's and risking the lives of others, loosing their license, fighting for no reason, and blacking out. It maybe legal for an adult to drink so much, It does not mean they should behave irresponsibly.

The study concluded with many suggestions: Parents needed to educate their children about the dangers of drinking. It was also concluded that open communication between parents and their children was extremely important. The study cited that parents should not allow their children to drink until they are of legal age.

Many students confirmed that if adults would have talked to them about drinking, it would have had a huge impact on the choices they made. The study also suggested that if more schools had a class on binge drinking, more students would have understood the consequences. The study stated that the students that saw their parents binge drinking thought it was ok, for them to do it. The study suggested that parents should not binge drink, especially around their kids. Lastly, the study concluded that if these things are enforced, the number of binge drinkers would be reduced.

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