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BirdGalJenn posted a photo:

Rosacea Awareness Month 2017 - Subtle Blush

I recently learned that April has been designated by the NRS as Rosacea Awareness Month. And, this was rolling around my mind yesterday afternoon during art project time. In honor of that, I sketched out and color blended this piece.

eva vee posted a photo:

the joy

Riex posted a photo:

spring rose

first of the season to bloom in spite of the returning April rain in the SF Bay Area.

Wulf Dieter Vogl posted a photo:

Soft Power

sanfte Kraft

Pentacon AV 2.8/80

Wulf Dieter Vogl posted a photo:

Tenderness in a wild world


Wulf Dieter Vogl posted a photo:


Pentacon 2.8/80

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DIY Toner for Anti-Aging / Smooth & Clear Skin

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Wulf Dieter Vogl posted a photo:

Bavarian Sky: white and blue

Der bayerische Himmel: Weiß und blau.

A rosacea, I think itá a wild-cherry.

Irgend eine Rosacea, vermutlich eine Wildkirsche.

Wulf Dieter Vogl posted a photo:

Nobody knows what it´s like ...

Pentacon 2.8/80

Wider World posted a photo:

Spring blossom

Grey day, very windy, but it seemed best to snap this as it waved, rather than wait for the weather to improve.

Not sure what species or cultivar this is - I reckon it's a form of cherry; the trees are mature, with sturdy trunks, these branches sprouting low down.

ipomar47 posted a photo:

It's the time you spent on your rose...

“It's the time you spend on your rose that makes your rose so important". Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Rose brunonii (rosaceae) - Rosaleda de Madrid (Spain). "La mortola", be made from por Hambory, Great Britain, 1958

For “Macro Mondays”: "B&W” theme


Looks Forever Hair, & Skin Aesthetic Clinic posted a photo:

How your Health affects your Looks?

Have you ever wondered how health affects our looks?
Yes, they do and it is incredulously true! Our health does reflect on our looks.

Just by looking at the person’s face, one can make out if the opposite person is unwell.

That is why it is important to maintain good health so that we glow through our looks and our looks seem attractive.

Your health indirectly affects your looks, in many ways. Smokers are already aware that they need to quit smoking. It is bad for the heart, lungs and brain.

Well, smoking does damage the way one looks and smokers are four times likely as compared to non-smokers to experience unrest after a sound sleep in the night.

Alcohol is another factor contributing to looking uneasy. Alcohol dehydrates the body, including the skin, which happens to be a major organ of the body.

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